Monday, March 31, 2014

We Did It In 60 Days

TODAY! JUST minutes happened! We, together reached the goal! $7,500 for The Boston Bruins Foundation! Because of each and every one of you that donated, encouraged, and spread the word WE DID IT! This money is going to do amazing things for the kids of New England! So many programs and activities can be funded because of your efforts and generosity. I am beside myself with excitement, pride, and a heart full of gratitude. I want you guys to realize that we raised that money IN SIXTY DAYS! That's incredible!!!!!! That is an average of $125 per day! These past two days you guys have come out and showed up bringing your generosity and your love to the front of the line! We are here and I am still watching that percentage rise! Let's talk some cool statistics!

I am the first runner on the Bruins Foundation team to reach $7,500.00. I am also currently the top fundraiser on the team on the team Crowdrise page (thanks 100% to YOU).

Let me just get real with you...we are all friends here. Read this carefully. I could not have ANY of this without YOU! You guys are the glue, the back bone, and the Beyoncé of this fundraiser! Without you guys, your support, your dedication, your encouragement...I would be at square one. I completely understand and appreciate each and every last one of you guys! I did not expect that I would raise this money this fast...let me just back up...I didn't think I could do this. I was nervous, anxious, but jumped in with both feet and held on for the ride. You guys helped bring me through it and every last step on that course belongs to you! This is a victory that is to be celebrated by all of us. I may be running the marathon, but there is no way I would be there without YOU!

From the bottom of my heart, seriously, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could hug each and every one of you...I would. I mean, you guys just made my dream come true. I won't let you down out there! Let's go get BOSTON!

This really makes the hashtag of the weekend #WeRunTogether have a whole new meaning... I am humbled beyond words.

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