Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So...I Guess I'm Running Avengers

So see what had happened was...

So, it's no secret I have been on a runDisney hiatus. I have kept the reasoning for that pretty much to myself, but I can say that cost was a huge factor. I had pretty much known that the Avengers Half Marathon weekend was coming...it was strongly hinted during the Disneyland Half Marathon meet-up last year...you guys didn't believe me LOL. So when this announcement was being teased and released I wasn't in shock at all.

So here we are. Registration opened today and sold out in minutes for this inaugural west coast race. This is pretty awesome because it offers another race for us west coasters, and another opportunity for you to earn Coast-to-Coast. Personally, I think that $195 is still too much for a half marathon...but apparently that didn't stop me.

I evaded the runDisney excitement of Disneyland half marathon weekend, and Wine and Dine. Both are two of my favorite runDisney races. It hurt to watch them sell out, but I knew it was for the best. Avengers was announced and my initial reaction was "NO! I am not doing this." I held strong to that and went back and forth with my big sis Jen about this. Should we do it? Should we do this and then run Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas that night? (which apparently lots of you are planning). Should we just say no. We landed on just say no. Well...this morning she asked me if I fell on the keyboard yet and I hadn't. Then something happened. I completely blacked out. I woke up to confirmation emails in my inbox and a withdrawal notification from my bank. I think Thor's brother Loki put a spell on me...because I ended up registered.

I was sweating, and all of you were celebrating my return to runDisney. I guess you guys have missed me :) So, I will be running around like Thor for Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon weekend. Geez. Now what will my next runDisney race be? After this, more than likely Wine and Dine 2015. I am passing on Marathon weekend for various reasons...mainly because I would like to do Miami and if I go I'll want to go Dopey and that damn near killed me with the 4 days of early wake ups.

So, yes I will be there at Avengers and will absolutely enjoy it and enjoy seeing all of you. My wallet hurts but I am sure I'll survive. Now if only Disney would construct a BiFrost to carry me between Disneyland and Walt Disney World that would be spectacular...talk about cutting down on travel costs.

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