Monday, March 10, 2014

See Sharp Run Boston Keychains Now Available for Pre-Order

It's finally here! I am opening pre-orders for my very first product with my See Sharp Run branding! THAT is crazy exciting! As a part of my Boston Marathon fundraising efforts, I decided to get a little creative. So, thanks to Stacy at PunkeeLove Headbands, we put our heads together and BOOM the keychain was born! The artwork was specifically designed for me. These are beautiful hand crafted cloth keychains! They are currently in production and I should receive them by the end of the month. I ordered 100 so these are extremely limited edition. I am also financing them, which means the proceeds are 100% going to the charity...I am not making any money back on these.

So here is the high level breakdown. If you are interested (and I hope you are because these things are gonna be awesome) the cost is $10.00. Shipping charges of $3.00 will be applied at check out. This cost will cover envelopes and postage via USPS. Total cost is $13.00. The proceeds will go to the Boston Bruins Foundation. There is also an option for me to hand-deliver it to you, which will remove the shipping charge...please only use this if I can ACTUALLY get it to you. You know who you are.

This is a pre-order. Product will be delivered to me by the end of March and I plan on beginning shipping in April. If we sell out of keychains, we will add $1,000.00 to the total! We are over half-way there so this is exciting. So here we go! SHOP AWAY :) Thanks again for your support! I can't do it without YOU!

Order Your Keychain Here!

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