Sunday, March 16, 2014

Boston Marathon Fundraising - $5000 Dollars Raised

Rejoice! Today is a great day! Not only did I get a lot accomplished around the house, and satisfied that Lucille's BBQ craving I have had for two months, today we crossed the Milestone 5 mark for the Boston Marathon fundraiser! CRAZY! What does this mean? It means we only have $2,500 left to raise! Think of it as approaching the finish line! I figured a milestone like this deserved it's own blog post!

$5000 dollars is a lot of money! I am blown away that you guys have invested your hard earned dollars into making a dream of mine come true. Beyond that, you are helping kids! THAT is what is most important! The Boston Bruins Foundation does incredible work, and with the money we are raising, we are helping kids in their scholastic studies. athletic programs, health & wellness initiates, and community outreach. These programs are essential to ensuring that the children and young adults receive the resources they need to be successful. YOU are a part of making that happen! I am running the miles, you guys are helping to make the difference.

We are so close, I can feel it. Every time I receive an email notification that one of you has donated, it brightens my day. No donation is too my Grandma says every penny makes a dollar. I am grateful to all of you.

Want to get involved and help? Use the links below to get your donation on! The official limited edition See Sharp Run keychains are now available for pre-order and you can order HERE with all the proceeds going right to the charity. HERE is the link to the donation page.

You guys are EVERYTHING! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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