Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sponsor Sharp's LA Marathon Miles!

Update: 5:39 PM PST - WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! First, THANK YOU to all of you for your awesome response to this flash contest! I truly didn't expect such a great seriously, I didn't expect it. As promised, one lucky sponsor below is being awarded a $50 INKnBURN gift card as my thank you for your support. Please show some love for TRICIA POBLETE! Congrats darling, email me at to claim your prize! Again, thank you to everyone for your donation and contributions! More fabulous to come!

This weekend is my redemption at the Asics LA Marathon! I am planning on owning this course and showing Sunset Blvd. who's in charge! In an effort to continue to raise funds and awareness for the Boston Bruins Foundation, I thought we would have some fun! I am asking for 26 sponsors to sponsor each of my miles this Sunday! The donations will benefit my Boston Marathon fundraiser. Now, why would I use the LA Marathon as a fundraiser? Well, let me explain.

This is going to be a baseline for me. I am planning on pacing to a 4:45 marathon which would be a PR for me. I will be running at this pace as long as I can using the Galloway run/walk interval those being 3:00/:45 intervals. This is my baseline for training for the next few weeks. The focus of this race is to do better than last year and really have a realistic view of where my performance is. This is an important race.

To sponsor a mile (or can have more than one), please leave a comment below indicating which mile you would like to take on. Each mile is only $10.00. You can donate by clicking here via my page or the widget on the right of my blog page. With these donations, we will reach the half way mark for the Boston fundraising goal! This is exciting and I appreciate each and every one of you! Let's do this!

OH...and one lucky sponsor will receive a $50.00 egift card to INKnBURN! I'll be doing a random drawing once all miles are claimed! Good luck!

Mile 1: Triniti Tran                                                       
Mile 2: Maureen Crabbe
Mile 3: Monica from
Mile 4: Patty Wills Holliday
Mile 5: Emily Allwardt
Mile 6: Jen Pelhem
Mile 7: Connie Kosberg
Mile 8: Connie Kosberg
Mile 9: Adam Chamberlain
Mile 10: Tricia Poblete
Tricia Poblete
Mile 11: Tricia Poblete
Mile 12: Danelle Barerra
Mile 13: Benny & Aaryn LeMaster-Klein
Mile 14: Laurie De Freitas
Mile 15: Jen Pelhem
Mile 16: Kelly from Sparkle Athletic
Mile 17: Kelly from Sparkle Athletic
Mile 18: Kelly from Sparkle Athletic
Mile 19: Kelly from Sparkle Athletic
Mile 20: Becca Goodman-Sudik
Mile 21: Jen Pelhem
Mile 22: Tabetha from
Mile 23: Tracy Garcia
Mile 24: Katie Preston
Mile 25: Katie Preston
Mile 26.2: Arbel Bedak


  1. Count Aaryn and I in for lucky mile 13!

  2. I would like to claim Mile 14. It's the first mile I haven't yet had the courage to run. One day...

  3. I put in for miles 24-25. you're gonna ROCK IT!

  4. I'll take Mile 22!