Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Highlights

Oh look, it's New Year's Eve! That can only mean a few things, but one thing I know it means for sure is I get to recap my top favorite moments of 2013! I have a list of my top 10 favorite memories of the year! Following that, I will share my top 5 favorite albums that came out this year! The list is in no particular order of importance, as each moment I have selected means something extremely special to me, so it wouldn't be fair to rank them! Sooo...let's do it!

This year, I was honored to join the INKnBURN ambassador team! I have a huge passion for this company and their amazing athletic apparel! Being part of this team has been nothing short of a dream! Thank INKnBURN for having me, and allowing me to represent your brand!

I was also asked to join the EnergyBits family of ambassadors! EnergyBits has been a VERY awesome company to represent! Health is so very important, and it is always necessary to fuel properly before, during, and after a run! So I am thrilled to be a member of such an amazing network of athletes!

With the help of some awesome friends, I became a marathoner in January. I crossed my first marathon finish line! I was on top of the world with happiness and elated with a sense of euphoric triumph! You never forget your first marathon! I was just happy it happened in Walt Disney World with some of my new found best friends!

Running the Chicago Marathon this year was absolutely unreal! I usually don't get to nervous before the start of a race, but this race was so special. I love Chicago as a city and was so blessed to be able to run through it. Not only did I have a great run and enjoy the weather and the amazing spectators...but I ran my first sub 5 marathon and PR'd! Chicago wins!

I was trying to achieve this goal literally all year! During my last half marathon of the year I finally did it! Just two weeks ago I ran my very first sub 2 half marathon with a time of 1:57!!!!! YES!!!!

Although not all of us in the in the photo above, we were together in spirit! The members of #CorralG have become more than just a group of runners who were looking to support one another through a marathon...we have become family. We speak everyday and look forward to the next time we can always be together. My life is so much better knowing I have these guys in my corner!

Along with some of the members of #CorralG we decided to visit Boston for the B.A.A. 10K! We had an absolutely amazing time running the race as well as eating and drinking our way through Boston! Truly an amazing experience! I hope to run the Boston Marathon someday to reinforce those amazing memories.

Look, I could go on and on about what a great year this has been! These are just a few of the stand out moments but trust me there are so many more! I hope to meet more of you in the coming months, and trust that we will be able to laugh, run, get fit, and encourage one another through each of our journeys. I wish you all a wonderful, healthy, exciting, and blessed 2014! Let's do it!


Monday, December 30, 2013

T25 Focus 21 Day Challenge with Katrina Elle

I will be the first person to say I have the hardest time staying motivated to cross-train. Cross-training is one of the most important activities (in my opinion anyway) for a runner. Running isn't just about how fast you can go for how long of a distance. It is your body being balanced and strong from top to bottom. I consider myself to be somewhat strong, but often feel the fatigue in various muscle groups when I am out running. This is due to the body not being as strong in certain areas. Well...we will fix that.

I don't like going to the gym to lift weights. Believe it or not, I actually don't like being stared at when I am trying to work out. So, I happened to be texting with my girl Kat from Katrina Elle and she mentioned that she was going to start hosting her 21 day fitness challenge on her blog! Kat is a personal trainer, insanity trainer, marathoner, Beachbody coach, and pug mom! You may remember that we co-hosted the #DumboTweetUp together in September alongside Pavement Runner Brian.

I was talking to Kat about various exercises I could do to stay fit, and was getting some advice about nutrition. Again, I am TRASH when it comes to my nutrition...why do burgers and fries have to be so darn tasty??? Kat gave me some amazing advice and ideas! I decided that this would be an amazing way to get fit, stay motivated, get stronger, and get my body ready to rock the INKnBURN tank tops this summer! No seriously.

I told Kat I was all in! I wanted to get my body ready to Stand on the Sun like Beyoncé in the H&M commercial...or something like that. Just go with it.

 I ordered my DVDs of T25 Focus. I not only ordered the DVDs, I also ordered the very large bag of Shakeology! I've tried Shakeology before and found it to be quite tasty. So I will be excited to see how it works as a breakfast supplement. Goodbye cinnamon toast.

This is not only about achieving awesome results for my physique, but this about discipline. I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that includes working out, and eating right. Doing this will not only improve my performance on race day. Now, I am also very excited to be able to incorporate EnergyBits into my daily routine as well. Normally I take a handful of bits in the morning as my vitamins, but now I will bring some with me as food throughout the day, continuing to provide my body with essential vitamins and minerals throughout the day! Bits aren't just for performance, they are for your everyday life.

The challenge kicks off next week, so you still have time to join the fun. My whole household is participating in the challenge! If you want to know more, head over to KatrinaElle.com and shoot her a quick email for all the details and to join the party! I also encourage you to check out Kat's Beachbody Coach page. Everyday right here on See Sharp Run I will be recapping my thoughts using tag #FitnessRealness! Keep up to date, and keep me encouraged and accountable! Who knows, maybe you'll want to try it out for yourself! Let's Do This!!!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 - The Year of the Incredible

It's time for that bittersweet blog post...my 2013 race year has come to a close. That means I get to recap and discuss some thoughts and share some insights from this amazing year!

First, let me start by saying THANK YOU to each and every one of you! The readers of the blog and followers on social media! Without you guys, this would not be as much fun! I started blogging in 2012, and in June of this year I moved my domain and blog over to Blogger. The page and post views have been unreal and absolutely surpassed my own expectations! So thank you very much for continuing to support the blog and my efforts as I run all the races and hopefully inspire you to keep going or even to try something new.

To help illustrate what kind of intense year I have had, I created a small info graphic. Now, when I actually did the math on the miles I've traveled this year...well...you'll see what I mean haha.

Incredible! I am so blessed and thank each of you for all of your support and love this year! You have helped me grow as a runner, blogger, and as a person. Now, I want to shout out the awesome folks over at INKnBURN and EnergyBits for being such wonderful companies! Their support has really been nothing short of incredible and I hope to continue the relationships with them in the coming years! I would also like to take a moment to stop and thank one of the sweetest Race Directors I've had the privilege of working with, Keira Henninger! Keira has an amazing spirit, is always smiling, and is one hell of an ultra athlete. She began following me on Twitter and asked me to help her promote her trail races. It has been an awesome experience to run her races and work alongside her! By the way, Griffith Park trial marathon registration is open! (plug).

So, I put a lot of miles on my shoes this year as you can tell from the image above. But of all those races, which ones were my favorite?

I have 4 I selected and I want to share with you why!

1. Walt Disney World Marathon! This was my first attempt at the marathon distance! I was undertrained, scared, and anxious! Luckily, thanks to social media, my very good friends (they are more like family really) #CorralG was born! The memories, laughs, frustration, and smiles will ALWAYS be one of the brightest moments of my life! The moment we all joined hands and jumped over the mile 20 timing mat, the conga line to the finish line, my Grumpy Cat mile at mile 24, finding Perry at mile 26. This race had everything, and I am so happy to fortunate I gained some awesome friends out of it!

2. Bank of America Chicago Marathon! My first World Marathon Major! It doesn't get much cooler than that! I was very excited for this race! #CorralG sisters Marcia and Katie met me in Chicago! Katie also ran the race, so the night before we went to Gino's East and ate all the pizza! Being in the start corrals was one of the most intense experiences of my life. I was intimidated and excited to take on the race! I enjoyed everything about this race and the weekend! Great friends, including my wonder twin Christopher who came in from St. Louis to support me. I also PR'd this race and ran my first sub 5 marathon!

3. The San Francisco Marathon! Probably one of my favorite marathons! Running across the Golden Gate Bridge was ALL I needed! It was perfect. I felt free, I felt amazing, I felt inspired! I connected with the air, the ocean, and the energy the runners were pounding into that bridge. There is NOTHING like it. Especially being born and raised in California...this was SO special.

4. Wine and Dine half marathon! This weekend was MUCH needed. I reconnected with #CorralG and ran my favorite half marathon. I ran the race with sisters Jill and Marcia and I crossed the finish line giving Chef Mickey Mouse a HUGE hug and cried at the finish. My spirit was renewed this weekend!

All this to say, this year has been incredible! Each and everyone of you is to thank! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings! I know it will be amazing!

What did you enjoy about 2013?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Product Review - INKnBURN's Long Sleeve Holiday 'Sweater' Tech Tee

Ya know, I think that whole facade that people put up about not liking corny holiday sweaters is a bunch of hog-wash! Everyone at least likes the idea of a holiday sweater...even if they aren't the one wearing it. If nothing else, we like to laugh at people that do wear them...come on kids, let's be honest...don't end up on Santa's naughty list for fibbing!

Well, the INKnBURN long sleeve holiday tech tee is absolutely nothing to laugh about! It has absolutely turned into a staple in my holiday collection, both for running and casual attire. For one, it isn't itchy OR ugly! Although the shirt looks like a sweater your no-so-favorite aunt may gift you with a pair of socks, it moves, breaths, and behaves like any other INKnBURN product would. You feel comfortable, you look great, and you distance yourself from the crowd! All pluses in my book. Another thing I discovered when I wore this shirt is the versatility of the sleeves. I usually like running in short sleeve tech tees, but while in Walt Disney World with a group of friends (and fellow INB Ambassador Jill) we all decided to get and wear our INB holiday sweaters for Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K...we had a blast by the way. What I liked was when I got hot, it was VERY easy to roll up my sleeves in such a manner that the tee actually looked like it was short-sleeved. It continued to perform amazingly with no chafing and still allowed for plenty of air to circulate through and of course wicking sweat!

Yesterday during my last half marathon of the year, I ran the local Holiday Half Marathon...which happens to be located less than a mile from my dad's house, so that made life easy! Winter in Southern California can be...well...what's winter really? We had a high of 74 degrees yesterday. It was a brisk 45 in the morning (which for some of you is considered a heat wave), so I couldn't wait to wear my festive tech tee again to this race. As the race got warmer, I used the same techniques for rolling my sleeves as I did previously. I received lots of compliments on my tee, and cheers as I came across the finish with a new PR of 1:57 for the half marathon!

If you are looking for shorts or a skirt to pair them with, denim is a popular favorite or even try the Brave plaid designs! Both are causal yet festive! Don't forget to pair it with a tech tube as well to keep your face warm! There is a holiday themed tube available if you want to match ;)

Now I did say I plan on wearing this tee casually as well...I have a holiday party at work on Thursday...problem solved.

Everyone needs this in their closets. Both red and navy sweaters are available at INKnBURN.com! Don't forget, for new customers to INKnBURN, create an account on their website and use discount code 'LinzieToldMe' to save 15% on your first purchase! I wonder what fun cooky design they will have next year?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It is hard to believe that in less than a month, runDisney's largest race weekend The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend will be in full effect! For most of us, this isn't just a weekend...this is a week of running, endurance, and plenty of fun and laughs! runDisney events are notorious for being the place for runners of all skill levels to come together, meet, fellowship, and create magical memories as they run. 

You may remember back during the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend, Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints, and Brian from Pavement Runner and I came together to host what was a very successful #DumboTweetUp! More than 50 runners came out to hang out, put faces to Twitter handles, and win some awesome prizes! Although Brian will not be participating in person with us during marathon weekend, he will most likely be enjoying the pictures and insta-posts of the next tweet up! Kat and I have enlisted the help of my new friend Dani from Weight off my Shoulders, and the three of us will be hosting...

THE #WDWRaceTweetUp! *insert thunderous ovation*

The tweet up will be held on Thursday January 9th at 1 PM. Join us at the Downtown Disney Marketplace near the carousel! This event is absolutely free! We want all the runners to come out, shake hands, tweet, insta-whatever, vine, laugh, everything!!! The other ladies and I have also been working on scoring some awesome giveaways....and I'm going to tell you the list keeps growing!

We want to see as many of you there as possible. Come out, make a new friend! Meet the hosts! Come get some running advice. Come discuss your strategies for how you plan on surviving the weekend challenges ahead! It is all waiting for you at the #WDWRaceTweetUp! I personally, look forward to meeting you there!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Runner Spotlight - So Cal Divas

One of the things I love about this hobby/job I have is that I make friends all over the place! You meet people through social media, you meet in person and it's almost as if you've known them forever. As you continue to chat and share you discover that there are some amazing people out there. I have met SO many amazing folks through my running adventures, and people I am so glad I can actually call friends. Today at the So Cal Run Like A Diva half marathon (yes I did run), I ran into some ladies who just make me smile every time I see them. So rather than recap the race (it was through Ontario, CA past the airport, past Ontario Mills and ended back at the Convention Center flat and fast), I thought I would talk a little bit about some running divas who are just so amazing! I think I start doing runner spotlights on my blog! Again, there are so many great folks, I think it would be fun to spotlight some awesome people! So, let's get right into it!

Tracy can be found on Twitter @ATurtlesPace . She is one of the most tenacious ladies I've ever met. She lives here in So Cal and is a fellow EnergyBits ambassador. She is a #Run3rd team captain which is always a great quality. I first met Tracy in person at the Pasadena half marathon earlier this year. She was on a mission to see me and give me a hug. She was following me for some time, and made the point to tell me that I was one of the people that helps her to keep going. Tracy sometimes has a small challenge staying motivated to keep training, but let's be honest we have all been there me included. Every time I see Tracy, she is smiling, warm, genuine, and just a sweetheart! Even I have my bad days, and she knows how to send me a tweet just to say hi, remind me of all the hard work I've done, and to take my own advice and keep going. Tracy, you inspire me, you make me smile, and I am thrilled to know you and have you in my circle of friends and runners. Continue to run, smile, and inspire others. Go You!

You have seen me highlight Connie before on my blog, and I can't get enough of her! Find Connie on Twitter @Conniekos, and she recently took on a new adventure. She launched her own fan page for running on Facebook called I Love Running which brings runners from all over the world together in one place! I mean, she launched the page just a few months ago and already has more than...wait for it...TEN THOUSAND LIKES!!!!! I mean, I couldn't be happier for her. Connie always has a smile on her face! She often tells me that I was one of the reasons she felt it was possible for her to run her first marathon...which was this year's Bank of America Chicago Marathon...she was there with me :) I adore Connie! Anytime there is a running event that we are both at, we text one another and make sure we link up to chat and catch up! She's absolutely inspiring and her reach is only going to get wider! She touches people all over the world, and connects people on a forum to allow them to exchange information, pictures, and thoughts! Go Connie! Keep going, don't ever stop reaching for your dreams...oh and welcome to #TeamBits as one of our newest ambassadors!

Now this lady here. I actually have a real job that finances this bonkers hobby of mine, and I work with this awesome chic! It's my fault she started running...she blames me every chance she gets. I regret nothing. Jen is one determined chick! Jen started her journey earlier this year on a quest to loose weight and get healthier. She noticed how much fun I had telling her stories about running all these miles and just having a blast. At first she resisted and told me I was crazy (she was right lol). Then, she registered for Rock 'N' Roll San Diego and ran this June! Once she crossed that finish line, it was a wrap! She got the bug! Jen has achieved an incredible feat of running 3 half marathons this year. Let's not forget to mention her personal training and crossfit sessions! She has battled knee injury and is recovering and she told me today she refuses to give up! I am SERIOUSLY so happy and proud of Jen, as the monster I created LOL! She has such a great heart and I know she won't be stopped! In fact, I can't wait to see what adventure she takes on next! Jen is on Twitter @Jeninglewood GO JEN!

Wow...writing this was a lot of fun. All three of these ladies inspire me! Ladies, continue to do good stuff! The Captain is proud of you and always has your back! Never quit!

Be on the look out for future Runner Spotlights! Who knows, you may wind up here :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Start Thinking About Your 2014 Goals

Can you believe that 2013 is just about finished? I know people say that a lot, but really think about it...a lot has happened this year and the year has just flown by! I am never one for a New Year's Resolution, but what I do try to do is consider the activities and actions that are occurring in my life at any given time and evaluate how to enhance them or remove them. Given that my birthday is in 4 days, I think this is the perfect time to start to reflect and I would love to share some of those thoughts  with you.

2013 has been a spectacular year for me. You (my readers and social media followers) have embraced me and encouraged me to continue to blog and share my stories and adventures with you. For that I am grateful. I have run five marathons this year, including the Chicago Marathon...each marathon was a different experience. I have made some of the most incredible running friends a guy could ask for. I became a brand ambassador for the always awesome INKnBURN and EnergyBits brands. I will have run 16 half marathons by the time the year is over. I have traveled to Nevada, Illinois, and Florida for races. I have had a truly blessed year.

So what's next? 2014 I want to focus on realizing my dreams. It's about being consistent, and keeping focus on the dreams. I was to be able to run a consistent half marathon with a finishing time of 1:45. I want to run a marathon and do it with a sub 4:15 time. Given that I am really not that far off, these goals are just aggressive enough to keep me focused and challenged. I want to continue to blog and make you laugh and inspire you. When I have someone stop and tell me that I made them believe that running a marathon was possible...that makes doing this worth it. If this blog touches one person, then I have done my job. I want to focus on quality posts you want to read, I want you to share them with your friends so they can be inspired. In my next post, I will be sharing one of my favorite books of all time with you...and this post may make a bit more sense. At the end of the day, I just want to be happy. So I will do what needs to be done to ensure that continues to happen.

All in all, life is about growing, learning, and sharing. I grow everyday when I learn something new about someone/something, or even myself. I grow when I share my thoughts or experiences, through which I actually find a sense of fulfillment. So that is what I shall continue. So, what are some of your goals for the following year? What are you looking forward to most?