Monday, December 30, 2013

T25 Focus 21 Day Challenge with Katrina Elle

I will be the first person to say I have the hardest time staying motivated to cross-train. Cross-training is one of the most important activities (in my opinion anyway) for a runner. Running isn't just about how fast you can go for how long of a distance. It is your body being balanced and strong from top to bottom. I consider myself to be somewhat strong, but often feel the fatigue in various muscle groups when I am out running. This is due to the body not being as strong in certain areas. Well...we will fix that.

I don't like going to the gym to lift weights. Believe it or not, I actually don't like being stared at when I am trying to work out. So, I happened to be texting with my girl Kat from Katrina Elle and she mentioned that she was going to start hosting her 21 day fitness challenge on her blog! Kat is a personal trainer, insanity trainer, marathoner, Beachbody coach, and pug mom! You may remember that we co-hosted the #DumboTweetUp together in September alongside Pavement Runner Brian.

I was talking to Kat about various exercises I could do to stay fit, and was getting some advice about nutrition. Again, I am TRASH when it comes to my nutrition...why do burgers and fries have to be so darn tasty??? Kat gave me some amazing advice and ideas! I decided that this would be an amazing way to get fit, stay motivated, get stronger, and get my body ready to rock the INKnBURN tank tops this summer! No seriously.

I told Kat I was all in! I wanted to get my body ready to Stand on the Sun like Beyoncé in the H&M commercial...or something like that. Just go with it.

 I ordered my DVDs of T25 Focus. I not only ordered the DVDs, I also ordered the very large bag of Shakeology! I've tried Shakeology before and found it to be quite tasty. So I will be excited to see how it works as a breakfast supplement. Goodbye cinnamon toast.

This is not only about achieving awesome results for my physique, but this about discipline. I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that includes working out, and eating right. Doing this will not only improve my performance on race day. Now, I am also very excited to be able to incorporate EnergyBits into my daily routine as well. Normally I take a handful of bits in the morning as my vitamins, but now I will bring some with me as food throughout the day, continuing to provide my body with essential vitamins and minerals throughout the day! Bits aren't just for performance, they are for your everyday life.

The challenge kicks off next week, so you still have time to join the fun. My whole household is participating in the challenge! If you want to know more, head over to and shoot her a quick email for all the details and to join the party! I also encourage you to check out Kat's Beachbody Coach page. Everyday right here on See Sharp Run I will be recapping my thoughts using tag #FitnessRealness! Keep up to date, and keep me encouraged and accountable! Who knows, maybe you'll want to try it out for yourself! Let's Do This!!!!!

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