Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Highlights

Oh look, it's New Year's Eve! That can only mean a few things, but one thing I know it means for sure is I get to recap my top favorite moments of 2013! I have a list of my top 10 favorite memories of the year! Following that, I will share my top 5 favorite albums that came out this year! The list is in no particular order of importance, as each moment I have selected means something extremely special to me, so it wouldn't be fair to rank them! Sooo...let's do it!

This year, I was honored to join the INKnBURN ambassador team! I have a huge passion for this company and their amazing athletic apparel! Being part of this team has been nothing short of a dream! Thank INKnBURN for having me, and allowing me to represent your brand!

I was also asked to join the EnergyBits family of ambassadors! EnergyBits has been a VERY awesome company to represent! Health is so very important, and it is always necessary to fuel properly before, during, and after a run! So I am thrilled to be a member of such an amazing network of athletes!

With the help of some awesome friends, I became a marathoner in January. I crossed my first marathon finish line! I was on top of the world with happiness and elated with a sense of euphoric triumph! You never forget your first marathon! I was just happy it happened in Walt Disney World with some of my new found best friends!

Running the Chicago Marathon this year was absolutely unreal! I usually don't get to nervous before the start of a race, but this race was so special. I love Chicago as a city and was so blessed to be able to run through it. Not only did I have a great run and enjoy the weather and the amazing spectators...but I ran my first sub 5 marathon and PR'd! Chicago wins!

I was trying to achieve this goal literally all year! During my last half marathon of the year I finally did it! Just two weeks ago I ran my very first sub 2 half marathon with a time of 1:57!!!!! YES!!!!

Although not all of us in the in the photo above, we were together in spirit! The members of #CorralG have become more than just a group of runners who were looking to support one another through a marathon...we have become family. We speak everyday and look forward to the next time we can always be together. My life is so much better knowing I have these guys in my corner!

Along with some of the members of #CorralG we decided to visit Boston for the B.A.A. 10K! We had an absolutely amazing time running the race as well as eating and drinking our way through Boston! Truly an amazing experience! I hope to run the Boston Marathon someday to reinforce those amazing memories.

Look, I could go on and on about what a great year this has been! These are just a few of the stand out moments but trust me there are so many more! I hope to meet more of you in the coming months, and trust that we will be able to laugh, run, get fit, and encourage one another through each of our journeys. I wish you all a wonderful, healthy, exciting, and blessed 2014! Let's do it!


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