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Linzie Starr is an inspirational athlete who stumbled across the sport of endurance marathon running by accident. He never saw himself as a runner, in fact he hated the thought of running for no reason. In fact, his family and friends had given him the nickname 'Sharp' because of his sharp dressed appearance and his sharp tongued wit (he is never afraid to speak his mind...and running was included). One June afternoon in 2011, he made a very important life choice. Since diabetes runs in his family, he wanted to begin to live an active healthy lifestyle and decided to go for a short jog around his Southern California neighborhood. Surprisingly, when he returned from his run, he noticed that he was full of energy, didn't feel the stress of the work day anymore, and to his astonishment...he enjoyed the run! The nightly 30 minute runs continued. One September afternoon while at his desk at work he had an idea that has changed his life...he wanted to run a half marathon. Normally, novice runners will begin with a local 5K or 10K...but he went right for the 13.1 mile distance. He registered for the 2012 OC Half Marathon, which was held on May 6th, 2012.

He began to train. His training was difficult and educational. He knew little about endurance running. He knew nothing about proper form, shoes, socks, nutrition, breathing...any of it. He learned much of this on his own through trial and error. Nothing was going to stop him from reaching his goal of crossing that finish line.

Before he knew it race day was here and he went the distance with his first half marathon finish time of 2:25:42. Quite a respectable first marathon attempt. 2012 had come to an end and he had run 9 half marathons in California, Nevada, Florida, and Missouri! He also became Half Fanatic #3155 and is is now Marathon Maniac #8887. He began blogging to share his experiences with his friends and family. His blog is now viewed by many other runners and industry professionals who come to read and live vicariously through Linzie's amazing race calendar and to read what witty commentary he shares. The Captain also has more than 2,000 Twitter followers, and has recently launched his own Facebook fan page. You will often find him doing giveaways on these forms and hosting his themed #InspirationalTea Twitter Chat, which focuses on inspiring others and connecting runners to the strong athlete that lives within them.

Linzie has recently accepted roles as a product ambassador for INKnBURN Athletic ApparelENERGYbits, and Orange Mud. He is also the official ambassador for the Keira Henninger Trail Race Series in Southern California.

Linzie was given the name 'Captain' by a small group of friends he helped lead through his (and some of their) first 26.2 marathon during Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in 2013. These friends have become a family to him and they remain in constant contact.

You can often find The Captain running Disney, or any other Southern California Race...he has been known to 'Run ALL the Races!'

His journey is far from over and you are encouraged to come along on a ride full of inspiration, determination, and fun! His platform focuses on inspiring the everyday runner to achieve their goals and be the best person they can be. Not everyone is a professional elite runner, but that doesn't mean you can't excel and be the best athlete you can be. Whether you run a 6 minute mile or a 16 minute mile, you are a runner and worth being celebrated.

Join the celebration, here with See Sharp Run! Where you can get you life, one mile at a time!

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