Monday, September 2, 2013

The New runDisney Medals - Revealed

This news was so awesome, I thought it deserved it's own post! The lovely folks at runDisney have done it yet again! Just when we think we know what is coming...we are proven wrong...and we LOVE it! During the Disneyland Half Marathon Meet-Up, Faron Kelley the director of marketing for runDisney made a very special presentation that no one expected. Faron revealed 7 new runDisney medals that participants will have the opportunity to earn during this year's Wine and Dine half marathon in November, and during Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in January 2014.

I want to give each of these medals the time and attention they deserve in this post as they are each in my opinion beautiful works of art! I also must say I am quite excited I have the opportunity to earn each and every one of the following medals!

2013 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon - November

This reveal surprised me most out of all of the medal reveals. Normally, runDisney refreshes their medal designs every five years. Which means we would have seen the classic Spaceship Earth design for the last time this year, with the hope of anniversary bling next year. Well, runDisney surprised us with this beauty! It stays true to the classic Wine and Dine medals in it's circular shape and grey and silver color. They have removed the charms that dangled from the bottom of the classic medal and instead placed them directly on the medal. I personally think this was a great move since I have heard that the charms sometimes fall off. I love that the medal showcases the race logo of Mickey Mouse running with his tray. I can't wait to add this to my collection of bling this fall. Wine and Dine is my favorite east coast Disney race! It truly is the Runner's Night Out! It will be even sweeter to share the weekend with my #CorralG family!

2014 Walt Disney World Family Fun Run 5K

The Fab Five is rounded out with the addition of Pluto to the race medal line up for Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. This silicone medal is vibrant and will certainly be a great way to kick off marathon weekend. Pluto is a welcomed addition to the race weekend line up! I wonder how many runners will dream of Plutopia before earning this medal?

2014 Inaugural Walt Disney World 10K

Let's officially welcome Minnie Mouse to the Walt Disney World marathon weekend roster of 'Mousecots'! The Walt Disney World 10K was added earlier this year and runDisney fans were all very excited to hear this news. Ladies particularly were excited because it was announced that Minnie Mouse would be the character to represent this race! The 10K distance is growing in popularity and I am sure this medal will help the popularity continue to rise. Set in shiny and matted gold tones this medal feels and looks classic. Note the wreath on those sides of the medal. I love the sunburst detail behind Minnie. This medal is solid and will surely be a wonderful memento and reminder of an amazing accomplishment!

2014 Walt Disney World Half Marathon

Introducing the Donald medal for Walt Disney World Marathon weekend! This year, we watched as Donald Duck stole the Mickey Mouse medal in a tantrum during the great medal caper! Looks like he will get a new medal for 2014 and he won't have to go ransacking offices to get one. This medal has some of the details from the 2013 medal, namely the sunburst and the banner across the front. runDisney has gone away from the duck profile silhouette and is giving Donald a full body appearance with a touch of sweat launching from his forehead. The design is simple, elegant, and strong. I like it! The ribbon is cool too!

2014 Walt Disney World Marathon

I'm just going to say it... I LOVE THIS MEDAL! The 20th anniversary bling from this year will always be special, but this is one beautiful piece of medal! We find a rather large Running Mickey taking center stage on this medal in front of the classic ear logo and sunburst. This medal is simple in design but strong! This medal also has a good deal of weight to it. So marathoners (me included), don't fret, your accomplishment will absolutely be recognized with this beautiful piece of medal! 

2014 Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge

LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!! runDisney DID IT with this medal!!!!! This medal is another example of a redesign prior to an anniversary year! I was not expecting this medal at all! I also wasn't expecting this design! We are served classic goofy with a sunburst, reminiscent of the opening of a classic Goofy cartoon. We are also treated to orange, and blue tones blended with the matt and shiny gold within the medal! The stars that traditionally take stage on the top of the medal were not removed, and I am happy to see this! If you will be earning you Goofy status or renewing your commitment to crazy in are in for a treat! I need this medal and I will crawl to the finish to have it!

2014 Inaugural Dopey Challenge

Look at this beauty! The Dopey Challenge is inaugural for 2014, so this medal had to be special. Notice the purple circle on the medal, which is drawn from Dopey's hat. The medal is quick and to the point. It is a stand out piece. I found it interesting that there was no sunburst in this medal, when it was present in all the others. Also, I thought the Goofy medal was more embellished than this medal. Don't get me wrong, I really like this medal! It is just as strong as the others. I think I am just missing the thread that ties to together with the others. Whatever, it's still awesome and it's mine in January! What do you think?

So ladies, I know you are wondering where the Glass Slipper Challenge medal is. The answer is I don't know because they didn't show it to us at this event haha! But as soon as I see it, if I can share it, you'll be the first to know!

So what do you think about these medals? I love them! Each one is strong and beautifully designed! Which ones will you be earning?


  1. Glass Slipper? Actually I was hoping to see Tink... and then an official reason as to why there is not a challenge offered with the added 10K for Tink weekend? I am not aware of an offical "reason" from runDisney as to why? I am paying the same amount of money for the 2 Tink races that people are paying for the GSC in Feb... It just seems kind of cheap on runDisney's end to not offer a challenge for Tink too... Since the Tink Half Weekend is my only opportunity all year I am able to "runDisney" I am sad I don't get the chance to earn extra bling too just like DDD and GSC. I will still enjoy the heck out of the Tink weekend don't get me wrong! Did Faron or any other runDisney folks talk at all about that at the Meet Up?

    Thanks for the great review of these medals.... they really are awesome!

    1. Hi Kim!

      Although I am not an official spokesperson, let me see if I can help :) You aren't the only runner that has raised this issue, and in fact someone did ask during the meet-up. The 10K was added due to the growing popularity of the distance. The 10K has been added to many of the runDisney race weekends. I have not heard that there is an 'official' reason as to why they did not make a challenge for Tinker Bell weekend. This could be for a variety of different reasons i.e., logistical concerns, runDisney staff bandwidth/availability to work on such projects, prioritization of other projects on deck, etc. I agree that there should have been a challenge. However, I am optimistic that we will see a challenge for Tinker Bell as well as some additional west coast races in the future.

      Hang in there :) Tink is still an amazing race, and I may end up joining you out there in 2014 :)

    2. Hi Kim. I am not an official spokesperson for runDisney, but I have heard from multiple different and trusted resources that the reason there is no Tink Challenge is because runDisney supposedly wanted to keep the challenge to one on each coast for the 10k&half combo. Disneyland for West Coast and Princess being for East. Notice there is no WDW 10k&half combo, as well as no 10k added to Wine & Dine either. If this was the real case, it would make sense to 'even' the score; if both Disneyland and Tink offered challenges, then they would have to do one for WDW or W&D to add to Princess. That being said, there is no Goofy or Dopey equivalent in Disneyland or Tink either, and I think it's mainly the missing Marathon distance.

      HTH, or makes some sense.

  2. They are all awesome! I'll be adding the Wine and Dine and WDW Marathon medals to my collection soon! Very exciting, thanks for sharing! :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  3. LOVE!!! They are all amazing! I will also be adding Wine and Dine to my bling collection this year. My first half marathon along with my first runDisney experience. I can not wait!!! Thanks for the post!

  4. I am SO excited these medals have been revealed and that I'll be earning ALL SEVEN of those medals...and with you! {Insert big cheesy smile here!}

  5. Great Post, I'm looking forward to earning all of the Medals for the Dopey Challenge. Can't wait to see the designs for Tech Shirts and other Marathon Weekend Merchandise.

  6. Looking forward to earning three of these...Wine and Dine, Family Fun Run 5K, and WDW Full. They'll all be special races for their own reasons...Wine and Dine will be my first official half (I've only done one training run over 13 miles); Family Fun Run 5K will be with my wife and daughter (first 5K for my wife); and the Full Marathon will be my first full...can't think of a better place to run my first!