Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sharp's RealiTea September 2013

So, there's a lot going on this month. I thought I would do something different and hit you with what I will now be calling Sharp's RealiTea! This monthly update will usually be written after the 15th of the month depending on the amount of activities I have going on, and is a way for me to share raw thoughts that may not necessarily fit into a specific post or recap...so should be fun! Who knows, this may turn into a YouTube video type update...maybe.

Let's start with talking about Disneyland Half weekend. That was a really fast-paced weekend for me. The Disneyland 10K, The Dumbo Tweet Up, and the Half Marathon. Not to mention the INKnBURN friends and family sale...where I literally went and bought all the things! It was awesome to spend some time with some friends, and of course making some new ones. The humidity was completely abnormal for us native Southern Californians so we were melting in our shoes. But lucky for the kids that came from the east and the south...you guys train and live in humidity so no concern there. Lucky. Hope to see many of you at some upcoming races!!

So that brings me to the Ventura Marathon. This was an AWESOME race! In it's first year, it was very organized, and executed with top notch precision. Ocean front course, beautiful views, and a flat and fast course made for an amazing morning. Now onto rule number 426 sub clause 43A...don't try to run a marathon with an ear ache. What I thought was a minor ear ache was actually a middle ear infection. So, here I am crushing this marathon pacing really strong with the 4:00 pace group. Amazed at my performance when all of a sudden, my body sends me signals as I approach the mile 12 marker and nearing the half way point to snap back. My legs started to tighten and my head started to hurt. Little did I know that was my ear infection making it's presence known. HOW RUDE! I don't have time for an ear infection, I am in the middle of the best marathon of my LIFE! So sadly, my amazing pace was slowed and ultimately turned into me walking 11 miles back. I finished the race in under 5:30 which actually made me happy. I was bummed I didn't get to snag what could have been at least a solid 4:30 finish, but I crossed that finish line, with a hurting ear and my body felt strong...tight...but strong. I am currently still nursing this bad boy. Hopefully, my hearing will return by the end of the week in my left ear.

So thanks to my ear having it's own agenda...I had to cancel my very first race. And it is a really hard decision to make. I had to make the very tough decision to step down from my Ragnar Relay Napa Valley team earlier this week. I can't fly with an ear infection and I also don't feel comfortable driving 6 hours...it isn't safe. It also isn't safe to push my body on a 2 day relay race when it is fighting infection. I tell people all the time, listen to you body. Your Captain is taking his own advice. So I will be here in Southern California this weekend, cheering on my team! Go get em you guys!

I am really looking forward to October! The new INKnBURN Halloween collections will be shipped! I have an amazing array of races lined up. I will be owning San Jose as Brian from Pavement Runner and I tear up Rock n Roll San Jose and we will hit you guys with a repeat performance when he comes to my turf for Rock n Roll Los Angeles! Let's not forget Bank of America Chicago Marathon and Haunted Trails of the Night 10K. Oh, and the Spooktacular half marathon which I will be running as a virtual.

So watch out for some awesome stuff coming your way in October! I have a busy schedule...and I am looking forward to having some fun! Be easy and Run On!

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  1. Yuck! I had ear infections all the time as a kid, once even on my birthday. I feel your pain, but good job listening to your body.