Tuesday, September 10, 2013

INKnBURN Halloween - Robot & Fembot

One thing INKnBURN does well is use their imaginations! Because INKnBURN is art on apparel, they have the unique opportunity to create one-of-a-kind amazing designs that not only perform incredibly, but look intergalactic! As Halloween approaches..this is the time of year the INKnGhoulsnGoblins come out to cause mischief and reveal some amazing designs! The first which is now available for pre-order is the Robotics collection for both men and women!

I know when I am running a race, I totally imagine I am a robot! I even tell friends of mine that they may want to take care of their Servo Motors (Hi Matt!) Now you can give the appearance of actually being a robot during your robotic performance! The INKnBURN Robot collection is now available for pre-order just in time for Halloween!

Ladies! You can really have some fun here! Serve Fembot Realness with these great items! The highly anticipated ladies Robot Capris which are comfortable and have incredible detail. To keep your gears warm during a brisk workout outdoors, add the 4arm sleeves. The Bot Wire sports bra looks great while offering support and style. And of course the tech tee is a beautiful addition to the INB collection! There is also a Bot Wire tech tube which compliments this outfit!

Cyboys! The INKnGhoulsnGoblins didn't forget about us! We receive the awesome Robot tech tee and 4arms as well. No pants or shorts yet...but who knows in the future. I also highly recommend the Bot Wire Tech tube as a companion piece to this kit! I love that the tee and arm compliment so well, and that the robot actually looks fast and aerodynamic! This is an absolute must your your wardrobe!

Now are you wondering how you can get your gears in line to own these amazing pieces that are proudly made here in the U.S.A.? Well, you're in luck! INKnBURN is now taking pre-orders for the Robotics collection! You can click here to see the full collection and place your orders! Create an INKnBURN shopping account (it only takes a few moments) and feel free to use discount code 'LinzieToldMe' to save 15% on your first purchase! Best news is, you'll get ten loyalty points (which is ten dollars in INB credit) toward your next purchase. This is for first time customers only please :)

I want to know how you like this outfit! I already placed my order! I can't wait to wear it! Don't be afraid to make a statement! Distance Yourself with INKnBURN!

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  1. What a fun line of wearable art. Thanks for a good read.