Saturday, September 14, 2013

Save runDisney TV!

If you remember my previous post about runDisney's magic being sustained...the magic is sustained because the PEOPLE are what make the events a success! One person who many runners look forward to shaking hands with, high-fiving, exchanging a smile with would be runDisney TV's past host Dennis Marsico! I sadly say 'past' because I received personal confirmation from Dennis last night that 'runDisney TV is no more.' I was shocked. I was stunned. I was hurt. Not for any personal reason, but for the fact that Dennis worked very hard for us runners. He connected with us via social media. He knew and remembered our names. He went out of his way to be friendly, open, and supportive. And we all looked forward to his teaser videos and recap videos!

Clearly, with the wonderful things I've stated above it is hard to fathom why runDisney would make this choice. Well...the choice that was given to us was 'budget concerns.' I personally find that hard to believe...and I am not buying it. First of all, runDisney is expanding at a large pace, adding races and raising entry fees every year. So with that expansion and growth in revenue I have a hard time believing that Dennis and his small staff of 5 would be enough to break the bank. Now I haven't seen the financial reports for runDisney...but I am pretty sure I am dead on with this one.

Second, Dennis is a runDisney staple! I look at him as runDisney's Uncle! We all have that uncle in our family that make you laugh no matter what! That is Dennis. Now he is no longer with runDisney and I personally am not happy with the choice. I respect runDisney in their position, however I also respectfully disagree with this choice.

I am a runDisney fan. This is no secret, and I will continue to be a runDisney fan. But when something happens that I don't agree with, I am going to speak up...and this goes for any circumstance in life. So please don't assume I am bashing runDisney.

Good news is, we can help. A petition has been started to SAVE runDISNEY TV! Please take a brief moment and sign this petition. There is no telling if this will work or even get runDisney's attention, but WE HAVE A VOICE! We are the consumer. The guest. The athlete. We are the foundational glue that helps runDisney to be as successful as it is. So I would honestly hope that our voices are at least heard and taken into strong consideration. I trust in democracy.

So, please do not flood runDisney's email box or voice mail with anger filled messages fueled by emotion. Please sign the petition and focus good energy. If Dennis is not to return, wish him all the best in his future endeavors as he as always wished us! I believe in Dennis. I hope to see him return, but if he doesn't he will be missed...and there isn't ANYONE that can replace the energy and vitality that he brought to YouTube and to the races. Know that!



  1. Amen brother! Couldn't have said it better.

  2. Linzie you are dead on with this!! Thank you for your heart felt sentiments as this is EXACTLY how I feel!! I looked forward to my brief opportunities to constantly see Dennis at races!! In my opinion Dennis is as much a part of the runDisney events as Jeff Galloway and Mickey Mouse!! #saveDennis