Wednesday, September 11, 2013

INKnBURN Halloween - Pirates

AVAST MATEY! Every runner is a pirate at heart if you think about it. We all look at maps, run towards the X that marks the spot on the finish line in hopes to find the buried treasure of our finishers medal! Running is always a quest, and no two races are typically the same. Since we are pirates at heart, and Halloween is nibbling at our boots the INKnGhoulsnGoblins have released their second Halloween inspired kit for presale! This kit I am extra excited about personally...allow me to introduce... PIRATE! ARRG!

Ladies! Feast your eyes on this beautiful kit! The pieces for women include the awesome short sleeve technical tee, 4arm sleeves with lovely pearl bracelet details, and the pirate striped capris. Each of these pieces are sold separately, but are very versatile. There is also a pirate striped tech tube that compliments this outfit that I recommend to bring the look together.

Men! Be the First Mate or the Captain of your journey with this outfit! The men's pieces include the short sleeve technical tee and 4arms. No shorts or pants are available at this time...but you'll never know what those INKnGhoulsnGoblins will uncover ;). I also recommend the pirate stripe tech tube as a compliment piece to this collection. Use it as a beanie to give yourself an awesome pirate look...heck why not even draw a fake scar under your eye for an amazing effect! So many ideas!

This kit along with Robotics are now available for pre-order and should ship within 2 weeks. Plenty of time for those Halloween parties and Halloween themed races. Click Here to view the Pirates collection on the INKnBURN website! And of course don't forget that first time customers can use discount code 'LinzieToldMe' to save 15% on their shopping cart and earn 10 dollars toward their next purchase :)

I know I can't wait for my pirate gear to arrive! I plan on wearing it A LOT!