Monday, September 9, 2013

runDisney's Magic Is Sustained

With the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon weekend behind us, most of us are beginning to now adjust to our regularly scheduled programs. Life doesn't seem as 'magical' when we aren't galavanting down Main Street U.S.A. We miss the smell of the popcorn cart, and even miss the congested traffic during Mickey's Soundsational Parade. But there is one thing that is certain...most if not all of us are counting the days until our next runDisney race weekend!

Now, we all know that Disneyland Half Marathon weekend was incredible for 999 haunting reasons...which is why I am not going to recap the races themselves. Instead, I want to focus this post on something that I believe to be part of the success recipe that is the runDisney brand. US! The Runners! For me it isn't about the races on runDisney weekend. I am always more interested in who I get to see that I haven't seen in months, who I will meet for the first time, and what new memories will be created. We all know when we arrive to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort for race weekend that 5K, 10K, 10 milers, 13.1, 26.2, 39.3, or 48.6 miles await us. And yes, environment does make a difference when you are running these long distances...but runDisney has something that I have yet to find anywhere else on the planet...and trust me I'm a unicorn!

runDisney has one of the strongest followings I've ever seen. Part of why runDisney exists is to bring families together and to encourage fitness in people of all ages while providing that touch of Disney Magic that the company has been famous for for more than fifty years! Disney is all about creating special moments that last for generations...and I think the runDisney brand is no exception to this.

What is even more interesting is that social media is a large reason (in my opinion) that runDisney races continue to gain popularity. There are various Facebook groups, and Twitter chats that exclusively follow runDisney races, news, and current events. This serves as an amazing outlet for people to share their thoughts, emotions, and experiences with others that share their interests. What's even more impressive and I am absolutely guilty of this awesome we actually seek out our runDisney friends and run non-Disney races with them! The friendships are just so organic and refreshing...sort of like homemade lemonade. The best part of runDisney race weekends aren't the races themselves...although those are awesome! It's the people that make it magical.

Through runDisney events I have met some of the most incredible people! First, my #CorralG running friends are I continue to get closer and closer. We are indeed one big happy nutty family and it was so wonderful to be able to share some time with Katie and Joe this weekend when they were here! The highlight for me was when Katie yelled out 'MERIDA!' in her loudest Scottish voice as a runner dressed as Merida from Brave ran past...I was laughing so hard I started to tear up! It's funny, when you meet complete strangers on Twitter then run a marathon with kind of get bonded for life!

Katie and Joe from the original #CorralG Family

Next, I want to talk about Connie! Connie is one amazingly sweet lady! She found me on Twitter and I like to call her a friend. She is a mom who found her love in running and will be starting a blog soon talking about achieving your goals at any age...which I think is FABULOUS! We all know I am all about sharing that Inspirational Tea! Connie has run a few races that I have attended and has even come out to spectate and cheer me on! I remember her and another fellow runDisney friend Erica came out and cheered me on at the Pasadena Half Marathon a couple months ago! Connie snapped a great photo of me and they both had ice towels and frozen grapes at mile 12...which were needed because it was HOT that day! I appreciate Connie! She's a sweet lady with a wonderful energy and I am very happy I've gotten to know her.

Connie & Sharp
Jen and Krissy! Jen is also a member of my #CorralG family who I adore to the ends of time! She is funny, sassy, and always makes me laugh! She and her husband both now share this exciting hobby called running and of course I think it's awesome! So glad to see her this weekend! Now Krissy! Krissy is too much for me to handle and I LOVE IT! She is hilarious, has an amazing energy, and everytime I'm around her I just LAUGH! I've known Jen and Krissy since Wine and Dine 2012 and they are incredible people! Again people I would have never met had it not been for runDisney!

Jen, Katie, Krissy, and Sharp
Brian and Kat...enough said. These two just give me LIFE! I can't wait to hang out with Brian again when we Rock n Roll San Jose AND Los Angeles! Kat and I will cause mayhem in 60 days at Wine and Dine!

Kat, Sharp, & Brian

So as you can matter who you are or where you come from, runDisney has the ability to bring people together. Social media meet ups, asking a fellow runner for advice in the start corral, making a new friend, or just experiencing the magical energy. runDisney has something for everyone. But I will tell you...these weekends are nothing without positive fun loving big kids at heart! I have the time of my life during runDisney race weekends...I am exhausted for 3 days after but it is all worth it! I get to run, see people who I adore, eat great food, and party! How could this be bad???

I met so many amazing people this past weekend! I want to take a few seconds to say thank you! So many of you awesome folks yelled my name, stopped for photos, gave me hugs and high fives and it to this day blows me away! I am humbled by your support and will continue to do a good job for you! So to everyone who I met and reconnected with...thank you, you're welcome, and RUN ON!

QOTD: Why do you love runDisney races?


  1. You summed it up so wonderfully!

  2. Fantastic post, Linzie! I am so grateful for social media and runDisney because without them, I wouldn't have met so many amazing people, including you! :)

  3. Yes, this race was so much better now that I've gotten more involved in Twitter and specific fb groups. Also excited to read that you'll be at RnRSJ (already knew Brian was running it). Mini tweetup?

    1. You never know...when me and Brian get together wild stuff occurs LOL

    2. Yes. If it's late enough, we could check out Single Barrel, but it would require us to be quiet (speakeasy).

  4. ...and yet again an awesome post!!! Don't forget about us cheering from home! Hovering over our social media and cheering and following from home! Those of us miles away, with our tiny little runDisney budgets, counting down the days until we to can jump on that airplane and smother ourselves in the runDisney blanket, drink the koolaid, and be immersed in the magic! Awesome! Yes it is!

    1. Kim! I absolutely can't forget all those folks at home watching and cheering via Tweet! I actually do read all of your tweets and try to respond when I run. Gives me fuel to keep going! So thank you!

  5. aw you're too sweet! I'm so glad we finally met - my boy twin! See you in November!

  6. Looking forward to meeting you at Wine & Dine, Captain!