Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dumbo Tweet Up Recap

Saturday was one amazing day! The inaugural Disneyland 10K was first thing in the morning. After which I went to INKnBURN for the friends and family sale where I purchased ALL THE THINGS! Then the time came, the moment I have been waiting for! The Dumbo Tweet Up hosted by Brian from Pavement Runner, Kat from Sneakers & Fingerpaints, and myself! Brian had this wild idea to gather as many runners as we could together for a really fun social media event! He reached out to Kat and I, and some emails were exchanged and POW! The #DumboTweetUp was formed!

Brian, Kat, and I walking to the venue
We linked up at about 12:45 on Saturday and made our way through Downtown Disney. Once we arrived at the venue, we got ourselves set up! I prepared our raffle tickets, and unwrapped markers for our 'Hello My Name Is' stickers! We thought this would be a great touch! The idea was for people to put their Twitter handles on the name tags...since this was a social media event after all. Before we knew it, people started to make their way to the outer patio of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa! Our mini social media party under the monorail beam had begun!

Guests arrive

The three hosts made their rounds, said hello, shook hands, took pictures, and accepted gifts! Sarah (@essayareayaitch) brought me BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE BEANS from San Francisco!!!! My mind was blown and Sarah...for the record...THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!!! Thank you so much, that was amazing of you!

Sarah hooked me up!

We continued to raffle off some amazing prizes! Thanks to our friends at Outside PR, we were able to score some Pearl Izumi shirts, socks from Injinji, and some GU samples. So again, thanks to Outside PR for the love!!!

Brian and The First Lady Selecting Some Winners

Some lucky winners picking up their prizes
I got the opportunity to meet so many great runners, hear some awesome conversations, and share in some wonderful stories! The running community is really awesome, and this event is living proof of that! A positive environment where people can come, mingle, learn, laugh, and smile! All in all, I think I counted 50 runners who came out to support us! This event was for you! We were very happy to help host it, and were blown away by the response, support, and love we received from all of you! Team SharpSneakerRunner is truly a great team and we work together really well. I found that the three of us have way more in common than I originally guessed, and I am happy to say I've made two new friends!

Thank you to everyone who came out! It meant the world to me! Let's tweet up again soon...and yes I will wear the Tweet Tweet INKnBURN shirt again :)


Kat, Me, & Brian...Team SharpSneakerRunner or Voltron!


  1. great photos... that one where we are all walking over is awesome. We're all doing something silly, guess that's how we roll. I'm digging the tweet tweet shirt and I wear a medium... just saying. :)

    Wonderful to meet everyone and I'm glad we decided to do this together.

  2. Linzie, can I get a full res version of the group picture? Thanks

    Rick Stiles

  3. Aw, what a great event! So glad you guys had fun!

  4. Aw you're too sweet! We're all stuck with each other and made a great team! Miss ya already!

  5. Thanks for hosting the Tweet up! Sorry I was late but it was nice to finally meet the three of you! :)

  6. Sounds like fun event! I hope yall do something like this for the Marathon Weekend.