Monday, March 31, 2014

We Did It In 60 Days

TODAY! JUST minutes happened! We, together reached the goal! $7,500 for The Boston Bruins Foundation! Because of each and every one of you that donated, encouraged, and spread the word WE DID IT! This money is going to do amazing things for the kids of New England! So many programs and activities can be funded because of your efforts and generosity. I am beside myself with excitement, pride, and a heart full of gratitude. I want you guys to realize that we raised that money IN SIXTY DAYS! That's incredible!!!!!! That is an average of $125 per day! These past two days you guys have come out and showed up bringing your generosity and your love to the front of the line! We are here and I am still watching that percentage rise! Let's talk some cool statistics!

I am the first runner on the Bruins Foundation team to reach $7,500.00. I am also currently the top fundraiser on the team on the team Crowdrise page (thanks 100% to YOU).

Let me just get real with you...we are all friends here. Read this carefully. I could not have ANY of this without YOU! You guys are the glue, the back bone, and the Beyoncé of this fundraiser! Without you guys, your support, your dedication, your encouragement...I would be at square one. I completely understand and appreciate each and every last one of you guys! I did not expect that I would raise this money this fast...let me just back up...I didn't think I could do this. I was nervous, anxious, but jumped in with both feet and held on for the ride. You guys helped bring me through it and every last step on that course belongs to you! This is a victory that is to be celebrated by all of us. I may be running the marathon, but there is no way I would be there without YOU!

From the bottom of my heart, seriously, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could hug each and every one of you...I would. I mean, you guys just made my dream come true. I won't let you down out there! Let's go get BOSTON!

This really makes the hashtag of the weekend #WeRunTogether have a whole new meaning... I am humbled beyond words.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Boston Marathon - PICK A MILE II

It's Back! I had such an amazing and overwhelming response from all of you who sponsored miles for the LA Marathon! We raised more than $300 dollars in less than 4 hours with a game sell out! It was beyond my wildest dreams to think that would happen! THANK YOU! Now it's time for the big show. We are 25 days from the 118th Running of The Boston Marathon. It came so quickly. It's almost time to start packing bags for the journey! What's even more exciting is the fundraiser is still going strong and we have less than $2000 to raise before race day! Between social media, friends, family, and generous companies you have helped to make this happen...and so fast! To raise this amount of money by myself since January 30th is wild! I couldn't have done this without you all. No doubt about it. This is my race as much as it is yours. You've invested time and money into helping to enrichment of children's lives through The Boston Bruins Foundation. So let's get into one of the last social media fundraiser type games I'll be doing. It's PICK A MILE II! I have 30 spots available for purchase. Because this is the Boston Marathon, miles/landmarks will be $20 a piece, and of course you are more than welcome to purchase more than one mile/landmark and you are welcome to donate more than the minimum (but this is not required or expected but will be appreciated)! This fundraiser will raise a minimum $600 dollars. Oh...and one lucky randomly drawn person will receive a special gift from me as a thank you... how does $100 to INKnBURN sound? Especially with their new designs...I think you wanna score this. Every block (mile or landmark) you buy gives you an entry to win.

Here's how this works...
  • Leave a comment in this post telling me what mile/landmark you'd like to sponsor.
  • Donate directly to my secured team CrowdRise page.
  • Once your generous donation is received, I will update this post with your name (and links to social media is applicable)
  • Purchasing a key chain will get you an additional entry. If you already purchased one and purchase a mile, you will receive another entry :)
Mile 1: Jill Barnes
Mile 2: Rozanne Cassone - #TeamBits
Mile 3: AJ Raabe
Mile 4: Ivie Hasegawa
Mile 5: @CaseyRuns
Mile 6: Jill Barnes
Mile 7: Arbel Bedak
Mile 8: Tracy Garcia
Mile 9: Jason Mendez
Mile 10: Arbel Bedak
Mile 11: Tam Premsrirath
Mile 12: Dani Barerra
Mile 13.1: Jill Barnes
Mile 14: Sandi Ady
Mile 15: Tam Premsrirath
Mile 16: INKnBURN
Mile 17: Kathianne Lynch
Mile 18: Jill Barnes
Mile 19: Jenn Mascari
TURNED UP 20: JJ Sarreal
Mile 21: Triniti Tran
Mile 22: Dani Barerra
Mile 23: Rebecca Goodman-Sudik
Mile 24: Rebecca Goodman-Sudik
Mile 25: Dani and Tori
Mile 26.2: Patrick McGuire
Marathon Sports: INKnBURN
Samuel Adams Brewery Home of 26.2 Brew: Brewer Barnes
Boston Common: ShanMac!
Fenway Park - America's Most Beloved Ballpark:  Calypso The Wonder Mutt

TD Garden Home of the Boston Bruins: INKnBURN
Wahlburgers: Katie Preston
Old North Church: Nicole Glass
Duck Boats: Nicole Glass
EnergyBits HQ: Rozanne Cassone - #TeamBits

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So...I Guess I'm Running Avengers

So see what had happened was...

So, it's no secret I have been on a runDisney hiatus. I have kept the reasoning for that pretty much to myself, but I can say that cost was a huge factor. I had pretty much known that the Avengers Half Marathon weekend was was strongly hinted during the Disneyland Half Marathon meet-up last guys didn't believe me LOL. So when this announcement was being teased and released I wasn't in shock at all.

So here we are. Registration opened today and sold out in minutes for this inaugural west coast race. This is pretty awesome because it offers another race for us west coasters, and another opportunity for you to earn Coast-to-Coast. Personally, I think that $195 is still too much for a half marathon...but apparently that didn't stop me.

I evaded the runDisney excitement of Disneyland half marathon weekend, and Wine and Dine. Both are two of my favorite runDisney races. It hurt to watch them sell out, but I knew it was for the best. Avengers was announced and my initial reaction was "NO! I am not doing this." I held strong to that and went back and forth with my big sis Jen about this. Should we do it? Should we do this and then run Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas that night? (which apparently lots of you are planning). Should we just say no. We landed on just say no. Well...this morning she asked me if I fell on the keyboard yet and I hadn't. Then something happened. I completely blacked out. I woke up to confirmation emails in my inbox and a withdrawal notification from my bank. I think Thor's brother Loki put a spell on me...because I ended up registered.

I was sweating, and all of you were celebrating my return to runDisney. I guess you guys have missed me :) So, I will be running around like Thor for Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon weekend. Geez. Now what will my next runDisney race be? After this, more than likely Wine and Dine 2015. I am passing on Marathon weekend for various reasons...mainly because I would like to do Miami and if I go I'll want to go Dopey and that damn near killed me with the 4 days of early wake ups.

So, yes I will be there at Avengers and will absolutely enjoy it and enjoy seeing all of you. My wallet hurts but I am sure I'll survive. Now if only Disney would construct a BiFrost to carry me between Disneyland and Walt Disney World that would be about cutting down on travel costs.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Boston Fundraiser Giveaway - Wireless Yurbuds

I told you that you were going to want these! Yurbuds had a booth at ASICS LA Marathon a couple weeks ago and they were selling these lovely gems, their newest product...WIRELESS headphones! All the things you love about Yurbuds! Amazing sound, high quality, and they don't come out. Best of all, they are VERY comfortable! I purchased a pair of the Focus earphones. I LOVE THEM! I will be doing a review on them later in the week for sure. But I wanted to get this awesome giveaway out to you as soon as possible. So this is easy. We are close to wrapping up the Boston Marathon fundraiser and that is exciting. Because you guys are so awesome, I am buying these out of my pocket JUST FOR YOU! Want to score a pair? All you have to do is donate! For every $25 you donate, you will receive an entry to win a pair of these sick bluetooth headphones! I will do a random drawing. I have the rules below. I say this in all of my posts, but I really do appreciate you guys. If I could send you all a pair of these I would...but since I am not Steve Jobs and I don't have a money tree only one of you wins :) We are so close to $7,500! Let's Play!

Here are the official rules for my contest:
-Open to US residents 18 years or older, US residents only please
-Donations must be made through the official Crowdwise site and applied to my fundraising account before 11:59 PM PST on 3/31/14 in order to earn a chance to win
-Only one winner will be selected to win
-The winner will receive ONE pair of Yurbuds wireless headphones (either Inspire or Focus). Product will be shipped to you with my gratitude!
-Value of the headphones is $129.00 (not including shipping)
-Winner will be randomly selected through a drawing

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My thoughts as Boston Approaches

Time is flying! I mean, I knew when i signed on to run the Boston Marathon on January 30th, that race day would be right around the corner...but we are now in mid-March! That's wild to even think about! So far fundraising wise, we (and yes I say we because I can't do this without you guys) have raised more than $5,000! We have just under $2,500 left to raise and that is exciting! I'll be honest, I didn't think it would go that fast. You guys have been so patient and so generous, I can't thank you enough! I literally may combust when we hit that goal!

Now, Boston! I am beside myself with excitement! I mean, I am going to fly on JetBlue (THANK YOU) and land in Boston. I'll see so many close friends, experience the best race expo on the planet, purchase all the things, have coffee with Bart Yasso, co-host an awesome fundraiser, drink my weight in Samuel Adams 26.2 Brew, eat all the things at Wahlburgers, and race one of the most prestigious marathons on the planet! You bet your ass I am excited! Holy crap!

My Body Is READY!

No besides being so excited I am almost cross-eyed, I am also nervous. Boston is a HUGE deal. I have to do my best to keep my nerves in check. I will continue to focus on strength training and keeping my cardio endurance at it's optimum all without risking injury. Sticking to the plan and focusing is where I am with all of this. I want to do well. I want to run into Copley Square strong with a smile on my face and tears on my face. This is a blessing and a huge opportunity and I don't want to miss a thing. I will be running with Katie and Adam (YAY) so we will have each other. We each have our own races to run but we will be there to support one another.

So what's on my mind? Is it time to be there yet? I am ready to be in the company of some amazing people and a great support system. I am ready to meet awesome people I have only talked with online and come together in our space! I am excited to create great memories. I am excited to run the race of my life. I am excited to earn my jacket and see some smiling and loving faces waiting for me at the finish. This race weekend is going to change my life. This isn't just a marathon. This is probably going to be one of the highlights of my life. You only run your first Boston once. Now wait until I snatch that BQ and return as a qualified athlete. The whole process starts over. I can imagine it's an entirely different emotion going on.

So, I am excited and nervous. I am sure as the time gets closer I won't be as nervous. I will be amp'd to get on the plane and head to Bean Town. I hope they leave some 26.2 Brew for me...

Thanks for all of your awesome support on this journey, guys. When I say I can't do it without's 100% the truth. Hope you guys enjoy Facebook and Instagram because when I land it's going to be like you're just there. Excited, nervous, blessed, happy. I feel all the emotions. This is an amazing feeling! SQWEEE!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Boston Marathon Fundraising - $5000 Dollars Raised

Rejoice! Today is a great day! Not only did I get a lot accomplished around the house, and satisfied that Lucille's BBQ craving I have had for two months, today we crossed the Milestone 5 mark for the Boston Marathon fundraiser! CRAZY! What does this mean? It means we only have $2,500 left to raise! Think of it as approaching the finish line! I figured a milestone like this deserved it's own blog post!

$5000 dollars is a lot of money! I am blown away that you guys have invested your hard earned dollars into making a dream of mine come true. Beyond that, you are helping kids! THAT is what is most important! The Boston Bruins Foundation does incredible work, and with the money we are raising, we are helping kids in their scholastic studies. athletic programs, health & wellness initiates, and community outreach. These programs are essential to ensuring that the children and young adults receive the resources they need to be successful. YOU are a part of making that happen! I am running the miles, you guys are helping to make the difference.

We are so close, I can feel it. Every time I receive an email notification that one of you has donated, it brightens my day. No donation is too my Grandma says every penny makes a dollar. I am grateful to all of you.

Want to get involved and help? Use the links below to get your donation on! The official limited edition See Sharp Run keychains are now available for pre-order and you can order HERE with all the proceeds going right to the charity. HERE is the link to the donation page.

You guys are EVERYTHING! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 ASICS LA Marathon - Redemption

What an amazing experience! As I mentioned in a previous post, this race had a couple of objectives I wanted to meet. First being, I wanted to best the course. Last year I ran the Asics LA Marathon in 5:24, this year I beat the course with a 5:19...which had all to do with heat and cramping but we will get there in a second. The next objective was to use this marathon as my training baseline for the next 6 weeks as I prepare for The Boston Marathon. As a charity runner, I know I'll start in the back of the pack, but I still want to ensure I have a strong performance. I am pleased to report that both objectives were successfully met. So, let's talk about this race shall we?

I arrived at Dodger Stadium dark and early in the morning wrapped in a mylar blanket...a lesson learned from last year for sure. Daylight Savings Time had just happened earlier in the morning so I know that most of us were feeling the effects of loosing a precious hour of sleep...especially before a marathon. Before I race I went and sat inside the stadium and just mediated on the day's game plan. I focused on my goal, on the course, where the trouble spots were last year, strategized on how not to repeat the mistakes again, and what to do if my body responded in a specific manner. I really should do this more often because I think it really worked. I was locked into a battle mode unlike anything I can remember. I hopped in the corral and found my friend Kenny who was running his very first marathon. I gave him some words of encouragement and cautioned him about some interesting parts of the course. Before we knew it, we were off. We eased up to the start line, I started my music and we were off to Run LA!

I took the first 5 miles really easy. I didn't open the engine all the way. Downtown Los Angeles is literally on a hill...which means when you run down from Elysian Park (where Dodger Stadium is), down toward Chinatown and into metro Downtown you're running hills the entire time. The landscape really isn't as flat as it appears. So I made my way through, smiling, and laughing. Just before mile 5 I feel a tap on my shoulder, it's Brian from Pavement! Love that guy! He was pushing for his sub 3:30 and looked happy and was in the zone! Seeing a familiar face from your blogging circle is always great!

Taking on the hills of Downtown LA in front of Walt Disney Concert Hall
Once we left Downtown, we headed towards Silver Lake. Silver Lake is a bohemian cultured neighborhood in Los Angeles best known for it's eclectic culture, great food, and art. Portions of this are downhill which are fun. It's one of my favorite portions of the course actually. I had to duplicate the photo from last year in front of the iconic Sunset Junction sign!

What's Up Sunset Junction!
From there our journey continued towards Hollywood. We turned onto Hollywood Boulevard and made our way past the historic Pantages Theatre which is home to Los Angeles' Broadway theatre shows (and it's beautiful inside), and down the street a mile to The Hollywood and Highland center, home to The El Capitan Theatre (for my Disney freaks out there) and the now Dolby Theatre which is where the Academy Awards are held every year. I am telling you, if you have never been to Los Angeles and want to sight see and see everything in 26.2 miles...this is the race to run!

How do you NOT stop for a Beyoncé billboard!?
This is about the half way mark. I am feeling excellent at this point. I am well fueled and hydrated (thanks to EnergyBits, Skratch Labs, and Orange Mud) so I kept going. I made my way to Sunset Boulevard and ran. I took it easy here because last year I realized that Sunset actually has a gradual incline...which means you basically are running uphill slowly. You don't really notice it until after. So I dialed back a little. We entered West Hollywood which is always an adventure and mile 15 I still feel strong. I kept moving. Next up was Beverly Hills. This is where I knew things would start to get interesting. I felt strong coming through the fabulous shops and stores of know the types Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Chanel, Valentino, etc. No celebrity sightings, but I did slow down to window shop. I think I need to go back and get that awesome messenger bag I saw in the window at Prada.

Labels of Love!
We turned the corner and made our way to Century City. This is about the point last year where I lost it. I felt tight, but nothing I couldn't stretch through and continue my journey. Apparently, at mile 19 one of my awesome readers was waiting for me with the first ever See Sharp Run signage! Funny story, I stopped and took a stretch break on the other side of the street from where she was standing just past the mile marker. Hilarious! But I loved the sign and loved the fact that she thought about me! THANK YOU JENN! Really really sweet of you.

Jenn rocks and wins all the prizes
I kept moving onto mile 20 where I ran into my home girl Erica who was there with the awesome Pasadena Pacers running really they are incredible! Erica blew me away! She met me with a bag of pretzels in various varieties, refilled my water bottle and ran with me and gave me some epic words of encouragement. Mile 20 is where I lost it last year, so having her there was the perfect placement...thank you Universe and thank you Erica for playing pit crew and for being so awesome and encouraging!

Erica! Captiain of the #TeamSharp pit crew for LA Marathon
I made my way through the Veterans Affairs hospital successfully and turned on the thrusters to get to mile 22. By this point the sun was in FULL effect. Thank the unicorns I was wearing a hat and had my hydra quiver. I took to social media and wanted to let all of you know what was going on. My splits were amazing, I felt great, but cramps and lack of salt in my muscles made for a crazy afternoon. I was forced to slow down and adjust my run/walk intervals to 1/1...which I was completely fine with. Since I had slowed down, I had time to do the math in my head. I knew that my chances for my PR were shot at this point...and I was perfectly fine with that. I also knew that if I stayed on pace I would beat my course time. That was motivation! I wasn't going to allow this course to defeat me. What was interesting, is I didn't have a 'Grumpy Cat' mile this race. I was REALLY happy and in amazing spirits the entire time. I wasn't defeated. I wasn't bitter. I wasn't hungry! I did extremely well.

All authentic smiles!
I also took the time to really have an honest conversation with myself about if I was ready to take on Boston or not. I am. My cardio endurance is where I want it. I can maintain the run/walk interval that Adam and Katie are training at with no problem at all, so that is a plus. My area of opportunity is strength training. I need to build some strength in my back and quads. If I can do that and make that my focus, I will be in amazing shape for races to come! So, once that was established I was REALLY happy. I love progress.

I turned onto Ocean Avenue home of the finish line and saw that real big bright orange Asica LA Marathon arch and started to tear up! I had done it. I didn't get defeated and I felt prepared and accomplished. All of you helped me get through it and celebrated me along the way and for that I was grateful. I crossed the line at 5:19:15. I couldn't be happier. I also earned my Marathon Maniac status!  Say hello to maniac #8887! Next up, let's get ready for Boston! PS: to all of you that purchased miles for charity...THANK YOU!


Monday, March 10, 2014

See Sharp Run Boston Keychains Now Available for Pre-Order

It's finally here! I am opening pre-orders for my very first product with my See Sharp Run branding! THAT is crazy exciting! As a part of my Boston Marathon fundraising efforts, I decided to get a little creative. So, thanks to Stacy at PunkeeLove Headbands, we put our heads together and BOOM the keychain was born! The artwork was specifically designed for me. These are beautiful hand crafted cloth keychains! They are currently in production and I should receive them by the end of the month. I ordered 100 so these are extremely limited edition. I am also financing them, which means the proceeds are 100% going to the charity...I am not making any money back on these.

So here is the high level breakdown. If you are interested (and I hope you are because these things are gonna be awesome) the cost is $10.00. Shipping charges of $3.00 will be applied at check out. This cost will cover envelopes and postage via USPS. Total cost is $13.00. The proceeds will go to the Boston Bruins Foundation. There is also an option for me to hand-deliver it to you, which will remove the shipping charge...please only use this if I can ACTUALLY get it to you. You know who you are.

This is a pre-order. Product will be delivered to me by the end of March and I plan on beginning shipping in April. If we sell out of keychains, we will add $1,000.00 to the total! We are over half-way there so this is exciting. So here we go! SHOP AWAY :) Thanks again for your support! I can't do it without YOU!

Order Your Keychain Here!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sponsor Sharp's LA Marathon Miles!

Update: 5:39 PM PST - WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! First, THANK YOU to all of you for your awesome response to this flash contest! I truly didn't expect such a great seriously, I didn't expect it. As promised, one lucky sponsor below is being awarded a $50 INKnBURN gift card as my thank you for your support. Please show some love for TRICIA POBLETE! Congrats darling, email me at to claim your prize! Again, thank you to everyone for your donation and contributions! More fabulous to come!

This weekend is my redemption at the Asics LA Marathon! I am planning on owning this course and showing Sunset Blvd. who's in charge! In an effort to continue to raise funds and awareness for the Boston Bruins Foundation, I thought we would have some fun! I am asking for 26 sponsors to sponsor each of my miles this Sunday! The donations will benefit my Boston Marathon fundraiser. Now, why would I use the LA Marathon as a fundraiser? Well, let me explain.

This is going to be a baseline for me. I am planning on pacing to a 4:45 marathon which would be a PR for me. I will be running at this pace as long as I can using the Galloway run/walk interval those being 3:00/:45 intervals. This is my baseline for training for the next few weeks. The focus of this race is to do better than last year and really have a realistic view of where my performance is. This is an important race.

To sponsor a mile (or can have more than one), please leave a comment below indicating which mile you would like to take on. Each mile is only $10.00. You can donate by clicking here via my page or the widget on the right of my blog page. With these donations, we will reach the half way mark for the Boston fundraising goal! This is exciting and I appreciate each and every one of you! Let's do this!

OH...and one lucky sponsor will receive a $50.00 egift card to INKnBURN! I'll be doing a random drawing once all miles are claimed! Good luck!

Mile 1: Triniti Tran                                                       
Mile 2: Maureen Crabbe
Mile 3: Monica from
Mile 4: Patty Wills Holliday
Mile 5: Emily Allwardt
Mile 6: Jen Pelhem
Mile 7: Connie Kosberg
Mile 8: Connie Kosberg
Mile 9: Adam Chamberlain
Mile 10: Tricia Poblete
Tricia Poblete
Mile 11: Tricia Poblete
Mile 12: Danelle Barerra
Mile 13: Benny & Aaryn LeMaster-Klein
Mile 14: Laurie De Freitas
Mile 15: Jen Pelhem
Mile 16: Kelly from Sparkle Athletic
Mile 17: Kelly from Sparkle Athletic
Mile 18: Kelly from Sparkle Athletic
Mile 19: Kelly from Sparkle Athletic
Mile 20: Becca Goodman-Sudik
Mile 21: Jen Pelhem
Mile 22: Tabetha from
Mile 23: Tracy Garcia
Mile 24: Katie Preston
Mile 25: Katie Preston
Mile 26.2: Arbel Bedak

Monday, March 3, 2014

Why I Chose The Boston Bruins Foundation as my Boston Marathon Charity

We are 48 days away from the 118th Running of the Boston Marathon! This still feels like a dream come true, it's still surreal. January 30th, 2014 is forever going to be a life-changing day. That was the day The Boston Bruins Foundation extended me the last spot on their Boston Marathon charity team. I remember my response like it was yesterday. I remember crying, shaking, going to work and being hysterically happy, emailing back and forth to Boston, and realizing that I would join the field of athletes on April 21st, 2014 as we run to Copley Square in the city of Boston.

A charity entry is something I have been working on since September 2013. I kept it quiet because I didn't want to jinx my chances and get people all excited for nothing. I submitted applications to various charities that I knew I could stand behind and advocate for. I didn't just go down the list and send applications to every single charity on the list, and trust me there are a lot. I took my time and researched charities that sounded like they would be a fit for me. For example, I took a look at charities that assisted with cancer treatments, medical services, children's programs, and environmental organizations. All in all, I think I completed and submitted 8 applications to charities in hopes to receive a ticket to Boston. 6 of those charities did not offer me a spot on their team. You could imagine that the application, interview, and selection process this year was more competitive than ever. Two of those  charities in fact told me I came in 2nd and to apply next year for a sure shot at a bib. I can say, I really appreciate all of the charity coordinators I've interfaced with over the past few months...their job isn't easy by a long shot.

I was offered and humbly accepted the invitation to join the The Boston Bruins Foundation marathon team. Last week, I received my official Confirmation of Acceptance from the Boston Athletic Association, so you can imagine that the tears started all over again. Many of you have asked why I chose to join this particular team. I think this is a fair question, considering I am campaigning and fundraising $7,500.00 for this cause. Sidebar, we are almost half way there can you believe it?!

I chose this team because they do incredible work not only in the city of Boston but throughout all of New England. The mission of the Foundation is to provide resources to charities that meet their set of requirements to help improve the quality of life for children. Some of the programs that the foundation helps to support include athletics, academics, health, and community outreach. The foundation is multi-faceted and reaches and touches so many lives. I am a person that is all about making a difference. Children deserve to have the resources and capabilities to live their best lives so they can go on to become adults and do amazing things with their lives. When you give a child the gift of education, healthcare, athletic or other extracurricular activity, and show them the importance of advocacy, that is a recipe for success. THAT is why I chose the Boston Bruins Foundation. I am a proud member of this team. Although, I live in Southern California, and have only had the pleasure of running past the TD Garden on my running tour with my BRFs last June, the impacts that your funds will make to the children in New England is nothing short of amazing.

I run for them. I run for those effected by last year's terrible events at the finish line. I run to prove to myself that I can conquer this course. I am anxious to earn my jacket and say that I am a Boston finisher. I may not have qualified (yet), but I know that the money I've helped to raise is going to improve the lives of some amazing kids that are deserving! That for me is enough.

I ask you to help make not just my dreams, but their dreams come true by donating here to the cause. You can also use the secure CrowdWise widget in the right column of the page, just click the orange button. In the coming weeks, I will have a See Sharp Run Boston 2014 keychain available with 100% of the proceeds going to the fundraiser.

To all of you that have donated, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I literally can't do this without you. I have never raised this much money for a cause before, so this is a true test of my creativity. To those of you wishing to donate or interested in the keychain, please let me know. I want to connect with each and every one of you! THANK YOU AGAIN!