Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Boston Marathon - PICK A MILE II

It's Back! I had such an amazing and overwhelming response from all of you who sponsored miles for the LA Marathon! We raised more than $300 dollars in less than 4 hours with a game sell out! It was beyond my wildest dreams to think that would happen! THANK YOU! Now it's time for the big show. We are 25 days from the 118th Running of The Boston Marathon. It came so quickly. It's almost time to start packing bags for the journey! What's even more exciting is the fundraiser is still going strong and we have less than $2000 to raise before race day! Between social media, friends, family, and generous companies you have helped to make this happen...and so fast! To raise this amount of money by myself since January 30th is wild! I couldn't have done this without you all. No doubt about it. This is my race as much as it is yours. You've invested time and money into helping to enrichment of children's lives through The Boston Bruins Foundation. So let's get into one of the last social media fundraiser type games I'll be doing. It's PICK A MILE II! I have 30 spots available for purchase. Because this is the Boston Marathon, miles/landmarks will be $20 a piece, and of course you are more than welcome to purchase more than one mile/landmark and you are welcome to donate more than the minimum (but this is not required or expected but will be appreciated)! This fundraiser will raise a minimum $600 dollars. Oh...and one lucky randomly drawn person will receive a special gift from me as a thank you... how does $100 to INKnBURN sound? Especially with their new designs...I think you wanna score this. Every block (mile or landmark) you buy gives you an entry to win.

Here's how this works...
  • Leave a comment in this post telling me what mile/landmark you'd like to sponsor.
  • Donate directly to my secured team CrowdRise page.
  • Once your generous donation is received, I will update this post with your name (and links to social media is applicable)
  • Purchasing a key chain will get you an additional entry. If you already purchased one and purchase a mile, you will receive another entry :)
Mile 1: Jill Barnes
Mile 2: Rozanne Cassone - #TeamBits
Mile 3: AJ Raabe
Mile 4: Ivie Hasegawa
Mile 5: @CaseyRuns
Mile 6: Jill Barnes
Mile 7: Arbel Bedak
Mile 8: Tracy Garcia
Mile 9: Jason Mendez
Mile 10: Arbel Bedak
Mile 11: Tam Premsrirath
Mile 12: Dani Barerra
Mile 13.1: Jill Barnes
Mile 14: Sandi Ady
Mile 15: Tam Premsrirath
Mile 16: INKnBURN
Mile 17: Kathianne Lynch
Mile 18: Jill Barnes
Mile 19: Jenn Mascari
TURNED UP 20: JJ Sarreal
Mile 21: Triniti Tran
Mile 22: Dani Barerra
Mile 23: Rebecca Goodman-Sudik
Mile 24: Rebecca Goodman-Sudik
Mile 25: Dani and Tori
Mile 26.2: Patrick McGuire
Marathon Sports: INKnBURN
Samuel Adams Brewery Home of 26.2 Brew: Brewer Barnes
Boston Common: ShanMac!
Fenway Park - America's Most Beloved Ballpark:  Calypso The Wonder Mutt

TD Garden Home of the Boston Bruins: INKnBURN
Wahlburgers: Katie Preston
Old North Church: Nicole Glass
Duck Boats: Nicole Glass
EnergyBits HQ: Rozanne Cassone - #TeamBits


  1. I would like mile 19 please. Seems fitting. I was at mile 19 at LAM, just pretend I'm at mile 19 in Boston holding a See Sharp Run Boston sign! :)

  2. Mile 8, natch! "Lose yourself" in that mile, my friend! Best of luck and I hope you hear us cheering you on from home!

  3. I'm all over Fenway Park! In memory of my dad who LOVED the Red Sox and passed that love on to all of his kids. :) Kick some butt Linzie!

  4. miles 23 and 24! you're gonna kick boston's ass!

  5. I'll take Old North Church and Duck Boats. I had to look up both these places, but I'm okay with that. Think of Baby Glass and I while you run- I've been so sick these past 14 weeks that I went from finishing the WDW Marathon to not being able to walk from my bed to my couch without help! Finish Strong!

  6. Mile 11 and Mile 15, please! You are gonna rock Boston! I'm proud of you! Tam

  7. I want mile 14! It's the mile marker I've never seen :)