Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My thoughts as Boston Approaches

Time is flying! I mean, I knew when i signed on to run the Boston Marathon on January 30th, that race day would be right around the corner...but we are now in mid-March! That's wild to even think about! So far fundraising wise, we (and yes I say we because I can't do this without you guys) have raised more than $5,000! We have just under $2,500 left to raise and that is exciting! I'll be honest, I didn't think it would go that fast. You guys have been so patient and so generous, I can't thank you enough! I literally may combust when we hit that goal!

Now, Boston! I am beside myself with excitement! I mean, I am going to fly on JetBlue (THANK YOU) and land in Boston. I'll see so many close friends, experience the best race expo on the planet, purchase all the things, have coffee with Bart Yasso, co-host an awesome fundraiser, drink my weight in Samuel Adams 26.2 Brew, eat all the things at Wahlburgers, and race one of the most prestigious marathons on the planet! You bet your ass I am excited! Holy crap!

My Body Is READY!

No besides being so excited I am almost cross-eyed, I am also nervous. Boston is a HUGE deal. I have to do my best to keep my nerves in check. I will continue to focus on strength training and keeping my cardio endurance at it's optimum all without risking injury. Sticking to the plan and focusing is where I am with all of this. I want to do well. I want to run into Copley Square strong with a smile on my face and tears on my face. This is a blessing and a huge opportunity and I don't want to miss a thing. I will be running with Katie and Adam (YAY) so we will have each other. We each have our own races to run but we will be there to support one another.

So what's on my mind? Is it time to be there yet? I am ready to be in the company of some amazing people and a great support system. I am ready to meet awesome people I have only talked with online and come together in our space! I am excited to create great memories. I am excited to run the race of my life. I am excited to earn my jacket and see some smiling and loving faces waiting for me at the finish. This race weekend is going to change my life. This isn't just a marathon. This is probably going to be one of the highlights of my life. You only run your first Boston once. Now wait until I snatch that BQ and return as a qualified athlete. The whole process starts over. I can imagine it's an entirely different emotion going on.

So, I am excited and nervous. I am sure as the time gets closer I won't be as nervous. I will be amp'd to get on the plane and head to Bean Town. I hope they leave some 26.2 Brew for me...

Thanks for all of your awesome support on this journey, guys. When I say I can't do it without you...it's 100% the truth. Hope you guys enjoy Facebook and Instagram because when I land it's going to be like you're just there. Excited, nervous, blessed, happy. I feel all the emotions. This is an amazing feeling! SQWEEE!

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