Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2 Runners 2 Buckets - The Ice Bucket Challenge

So last night, Michael from and Matt from decided it would be a fun idea to challenge Brian and myself to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...and here I thought I was going to get away with being dry. This challenge has been sweeping social media for weeks and involves dumping a lovely bucket of ice cold delicious water atop your head, and making a donation to help fight ALS which is Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. So...Pavey came to town, and we got together and made it happen...and we recorded it... and it looks like this...

Well...that was cold...and a lot of fun. Not gonna lie. For those of you that thought you would be safe and not feel the wrath...wrong. We are taking names of some of our faves!

Stuft Mama
Katrina ElleWeight Off My Shoulders
Running Hutch
Shiawase Life

and of course, THE SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM at Rock 'n' know who you are...

What can I say? You know I am all about raising awareness for great causes!

Have you taken on the challenge yet?


  1. Total awesome-sauce! I just got called out on the challenge too. By my HUSBAND. On TWITTER. On our ANNIVERSARY. Oh the humanity!!!!!

  2. Awesome! I have not taken on the challenge! I can barely to do the ice bath thing..