Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Turning Dreams Into Magic

I've never been a person for New Years resolutions, I just do my best to recognize my opportunities and do better tomorrow. Toward the last couple months of 2013, I was sorting through my mind trying to figure out how I could get the optimum result from my running. I wanted my body to look, feel, and perform stronger. I reached that first milestone when I achieved my first sub 2 half marathon in December. I wanted to be faster and more consistent.  So clearly, if you want results you need to modify training regiments.

To kick off my daily fitness goal I will be working with Katrina Elle who will get me whipped into shape through the use of Focus T25! I hope to utilize Kat as an awesome resource to stay motivated and fit! Plus, it's always a plus when the person you are working with makes you laugh on a daily basis.

Now, today while at th airport (I'm writing this from the plane) I made the decision to reach out to my good friend Holly. Holly is also a fitness pro and an ultra marathoner. I asked if she would be interested in being my running coach, and he accepted...this made me happy :) I know Holly the Squirrel Whisperer in my corner there is no reason I can't be ready for Javalina Jundred in 2015, or even get Boston qualifying ready! Just typing this I am getting jazzed!

This is a quick post to say this...if you want something bad enough, you need to align yourself with friends, and resources to get there. The running community is filled with incredible people that are ready to help, provide tips, and offer guidance. Even a pro can learn something new. Every run teaches you something because no two are ever the same.

I look forward to kicking off these routines and partnerships when I come home from Dopey Challenge weekend! Here's to progress and doing better!

Let's go Further, Faster, Forever!!!!

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