Thursday, January 9, 2014

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Day 2 - WDW Family Fun Run 5K & the #WDWRaceTweetUp

Today officially started my journey towards pure-Dopeyness. I woke up this morning to a wake up call from Indiana Jones in my room then got dressed and headed downstairs where my #CorralG sister Jenn was there waiting to kindly shuttle me over to the start line of the race (THANK YOU). When we parked at Epcot we made a point to remember where we parked the car. We didn't want to relive the infamous shake out run of Wine and Dine 2013 lol. We walked over to the runners village where we ran into some awesome folks from Team #runDisney! We stopped and chatted and caught up with old friends and met some new ones!

Team #runDisney
After our meet and greet we headed toward the corrals and enjoyed some small talk and strategizing. My crew decided to go with 2/1 run/walk intervals for running. We encountered some light rain/sprinkling but nothing we couldn't handle. Before we knew it, our corral was up next and we were greeted by our fireworks indicating we were clear for take off!

We made our way around the Epcot parking lot and through the side door of Future World. We wre able to run under Test Track! This was really awesome, but grateful the test cars weren't rolling at 60 MPH on top of us...that would of been loud! We took our first trip around the World Showcase and enjoyed the beautiful sights!

World Showcase at Dawn-ish
No runDisney race would be complete without at least one character stop...we took two! It would have been three except Dopey who resides in the Germany pavilion had his line backed up to Italy by the time we got there. If you've been to Epcot before, you understand.

The crew and Norwegian Daisy
The Crew with Remy and Emil
We made our way back toward Future World and toward the finish! As the sun continued to come up and the sky turned blue I couldn't help but stop by the Fountain of Nations and just appreciate nature and remind myself that I was alive and so happy to be here in Disney World.

We absolutely were not here for speed today. This is the first leg of Dopey so we went fast enough to keep our muscles loose but not fast enough to use up all of our energy. We crossed the finish line in just under an hour (with character stops LOL) and were awarded our lovely Pluto medal/medallion thingy. It really is a cute medal! It was really cool to see all the families out there enjoying themselves!

This afternoon Dani from Weight off my Shoulders and Kat from Katrina Elle hosted our #WDWRaceTweetUp!

Dani, Kat, and I met at Downtown Disney Marketplace and eagerly awaited the arrival of our guests!

Dani, Kat, and I
We had about twenty awesome folks show up to the meet up! Considering the light rain, this was a great turn out! We raffled off some awesome great prizes, chatted, and made some awesome new friends! I really do love hosting these tweet ups! Pavement Runner Brian was missed as a host, but Dani stepped right in and was wonderful per the norm haha.

Again, thank you so much to all the great runners who came out and joined us today for our meet up! We really enjoyed meeting you, hooking you up with awesome swag, and wishing you luck on your races this weekend. Met a lot of first time marathoners this weekend! So amazing! I'm ready for the 10K tomorrow! Check back tomorrow for more fun and adventure.

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