Friday, January 17, 2014

The Approach for Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend

Well, this seemed like a good idea at the time! It is here and underway! The 2014 runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend! This will be my second year earning my wings! And my second year going coast-to-coast back-to-back with marathon weekend. As you all are aware by now, I just finished the inaugural Dopey Challenge in Walt Disney World, which consisted of running 48.6 miles over the course of four days. After a few days of rest and no running, I actually feel pretty good and ready for the challenge of taking on about 19.3 miles.

So here's the scoop! On saturday, I will run the Tinker Bell 10K. The main driver for choosing to run this race was because it was inaugural, and I always enjoy running first year races! I plan on just enjoying the run at a comfortable pace! I don't plan on running for a large PR at all on Saturday. My goal is to go out there, run, and get warmed up for the half marathon! So really, this is just for fun!

Now let's talk about the half marathon! I am excited because I didn't come down with a cold after marathon weekend like last year! I know EnergyBits had something to do with it. In fact, I feel healthier. Anyway, I plan on wearing this course out! I plan on a smart consistent start as not to burn out to fast, and dial it up in the second half! Absolutely hoping for a negative split. Not going to promise a sub-2 or anything, but my goal is run and pace myself to a very consistent half marathon. Running with Faith last week and having that be the best marathon I've run consistency wise really has me ready to focus on the prize. Especially, when I will begin work with my coach Holly very soon!

So basically, I plan on just rocking out this weekend and enjoying myself. Using Galloway intervals, and hydrating with Skratch! So this should be a blast!

Follow the journey! Tomorrow, I'll recap the 10K for all of you! See you on the road!

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  1. Rock it! Can't wait to see how you do and see the photos! See you Sunday!