Friday, January 17, 2014

Product Preview & Review - INKnBURN Retro Surf Tech Tee

It's a new year, which means the awesome folks over at INKnBURN have been working around the clock to turn out some new fresh designs I know that all of us will enjoy and love! A few of these items have already started hitting the streets, such as the ladies pull-overs which have received some enhancements to their design! But as an ambassador, I get this question all the time...what about the guys!? What's new for us!? Well, lucky for the guys, I've seen a few of the new designs (sorry can't share yet) but I promise you there is wide range of variety and the designs are seriously outstanding! Very unique and you will not be able to get these new designs anywhere else! Often imitated never duplicated! One of the designs that made its retail debut at the Walt Disney World Marathon expo was a shirt I was excited for the minute I saw the sneak peek! I knew I had to have it! Especially being a Southern California boy...there was absolutely no way this could not make it into my closet and INKnBURN collection. Allow me to introduce you to the Retro Surf Tech Tee for guys and gals! (thunderous ovation please)

With it's vivid colors and energy, the retro surf tech tee is something any runner needs if they have love for the ocean, surfing, or the lifestyle. Heck, it's just a good looking tee! You'll notice there are some icons on the tech tee that really bring out its unique character. The colors in the ocean have a very specific pattern in the design, when you move it almost is like the water is moving with you...which is the purpose of surfing in the first place. Be one with the water! The palm trees are great! You see them on all parts of the shirt and they are very detailed! Each palm branch has a personality of its very own so look closely. The INB logo is incorporated as the sun on both the from and the back! It is large on the back which I don't mind...I mean it makes me easy to spot if I happen to be pacing folks! The beautiful multi-colored wave that sweeps around the shirt is both calming and bold at the same time. The shirt really tells an amazing story! The colors are all very complementary of one another! I feel both strong and calm at the same time in this shirt! One of my new favorites for sure!

Rear view of the tee

I paired this with the denim shorts and the current tech tube! The current design is in my opinion the soul mate to the retro surf tee! They look incredible together! One doesn't outshine the other! They are both strong on their own, but together they are amazing! If you are running Surf City USA in just a couple weeks, you need this. Period.

This shirt should be released in a couple weeks! Production is moving along at a great pace, so you can be sure to have your hands on this beauty real soon! Also be sure to keep an eye out for new designs on the way for men and women! Like the INKnBURN Facebook page...that is where they announce new designs and street dates for release. I have to say, I was real happy this was available for purchase at the expo...I felt so special! Especially since I got SO many compliments on the tee!

Don't forget! If you want to try INKnBURN and you're a new customer! Create an account on their website (it takes two minutes) and when you check out, use discount code 'LinzieToldMe' and you will save 15% on the items in your shopping cart. As an added bonus on your next visit you'll have 10 dollars in loyalty points to spend! Trust me, once you give these high quality, made in the USA garments a whirl, you will not ever go back! There is no problem with looking great while you run. I wouldn't have it any other way! I am thankful for INKnBURN and their amazing team who bring these creations to life! More great art on its way! Stay tuned!

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  1. I really love that shirt!! Glad they came out with something new for the guys :D