Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm Going to Boston!

It happened! Today I felt like my life changed! For months, I have been networking and reaching out to charities, like many hoping that I would receive an acceptance letter welcoming me to the team. I reached out to charities that resonated with me. Cancer treatment centers, youth activities, and educational programs were all at the top of the list. Sadly, I was not selected for the teams I applied for. This meant that others had their dreams come true! And for that I was glad. My good friend Adam was selected to run for a charity and I was incredibly happy and proud! I must say, the efforts and help that my running family have exhibited to get me to Boston is nothing short of extraordinary!

This morning I woke up to an email from The Boston Bruins (GO HOCKEY) Foundation! This was surprising. Their coordinator informed me they had one bib available for a lucky runner and wanted to know if I was interested in running the Boston Marathon as a member of their fundraising team!

I instantly started to shake. I literally had just given up on the chance that I would be running and was SO excited for Adam and Katie to run! I was pumped up and ready to support ALL of my friends that would be storming Boston in just a few short weeks, then this happens! I was shocked. I was humbled. I CRIED! One simply does not run The Boston Marathon! For many, it is years and years of intense training to achieve the coveted Boston Qualifying time! It is a journey for many runners! It's hollowed sacred ground in the running community! When I touched the finish line in Boston during my trip during the 2013 BAA 10K, I got chills! Boston is serious business and should be respected! Charity runners are hard working individuals. We put massive efforts out to raise funds for worthy organizations so we can help make a difference and change the world. This isn't taken lightly, and I am so blessed to have this rare opportunity! Thank you to the Boston Bruins Foundation for having me!

The Boston Bruins Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for children, while assisting charitable organizations! What this means is that the $7,500.00 I must raise (and gladly) will go toward helping and enriching the lives of children! EVERYONE WINS!

I am excited and ready! I love Boston! I can't wait to be in the midst of amazing athletes! I can't wait to reunite with friends! I can't wait to run to the finish line! 26.2 Brew by Samuel Adams is waiting!

I need your help! Please find it in your heart to help me raise funds for this very worthy cause! And please spread the word! We can do this together! You can click here to be directed to my fundraising page! I have also added a new page to my blog that will remain until we reach our goal! I say OUR goal because we are in this together! Let's get ready to rock Boston! You Ready?

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  1. Congratulations, Linzie! What an amazing and wonderful opportunity! I have no doubt you will meet your goal. :) I can't wait to read your race re-cap in a few months!