Thursday, February 6, 2014

Boston Fundraising Contest #1 - iPod Shuffle Giveaway

WINNER! Congratulations to Erica from for winning the iPod Shuffle Giveaway! Thank you to all of you that donated and entered this giveaway. I don't think I won the banner, but we are certainly moving the line forward!

So, the fundraising for Boston is underway! I am headed toward that $7,500.00 goal for the Boston Bruins Foundation, which helps provide resources to local charities and children in the New England area! I am still very excited about the chance to work with the Bruins Foundation! Something fun happened today! So Crowdrise, which is the online tool that the BAA has asked us to use for fundraising (and this is a good thing, because Crowdwise is super easy to use) kicked off a contest today! They are giving fundraisers a chance to win an official Boston Marathon banner from the awesome folks at John Hancock!

It is no secret or surprise to any of my friends that I totally LOVE race banners! The Bling Annex (which is where I hang all of my race memorabilia in my house) is literally covered with one full wall dedicated to these things! I love them! They are special memories and keepsakes! Some people collect stamps, I collect vinyl banners.

So, how do I win one of these things? Well, that's where you guys come in! For every donation I receive that is over $50.00 from now until midnight 2/14/14, I will receive an entry and a chance to score this banner. They are only giving ONE away, so you can imagine how stir crazy I am going! So what's in it for you? Well three things that I can think of! 1. You are helping some great kids get some awesome resources such as money and people to assist with athletic, academic, and community outreach programs. 2. You help me :) 3. You feel great knowing what you are doing really matters, not just to me, but to those great kids I can't wait to hang out with when I get to Boston!

So, starting today any donation I receive over $50.00 until Midnight on 2/14/14 will get you entered for a chance to win AN iPOD SHUFFLE! That's right you guys, you toss me $50, you could win a 2GB iPod Shuffle in the color of your choice valued at $49.00!!! This is coming out of my pocket. I will ship it directly to you with a note expressing my gratitude! Even if I do not win the banner (which would SUCK) one of you will still win the iPod! I will announce the winner on Saturday 2/15/14.

Please remember, the money you donate goes DIRECTLY to the Boston Bruins Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

Help me get there guys! WE RUN TOGETHER!


Here are the official rules for my contest:
-Open to US residents 18 years or older
-Donations must be made through the official Crowdwise site and applied to my fundraising account before 11:59 PM PST on 2/14/14 in order to earn a chance to win
-Only one winner will be selected to win
-The winner will receive ONE 2GB iPod Shuffle in the color of their choice. iPod will be shipped to you with my gratitude!
-Value of the iPod shuffle is $49.00 (not including shipping)
-Winner will be randomly selected


  1. You got $50 :) Good luck with your training. After much ado, I decided not to run this year despite qualifying so I am supporting lots of runners!! Erica from Erica Finds (ericafinds dot com)

    1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ERICA!!!!!! I really appreciate it! Thanks for the support! :)