Thursday, February 13, 2014

2014 Asics LA Marathon...Redemption Awaits

It's approaching. In just 23 days I will be taking on the Asics LA Marathon for the second year! This race and I have a history...and I have a bone to pick with it I first ran this marathon in 2013. It was my first solo marathon without my running family and my second marathon in general. I was excited to get out there and show Los Angeles what I was made of. The race fell on St. Patrick's Day last year, so you can imagine the sea of green that filled the streets from Downtown all the way to Santa Monica. I felt great the first 19 miles of the race. I blew right through Downtown, zipped through Silver Lake, and made my way through Hollywood and back up the Sunset Strip. The strip elevation varies and rolls so you have to be careful and watch your pace. I gotta say, if you want a tour of Los Angeles and all it has to offer, run this race! You will see everything! I even saw some new things...and I have lived in Southern California my whole life!

Something happened when I turned the corner to mile 20. I hit the wall. I hit the wall to date harder than I can remember ever hitting it before. I hit the wall so hard I thought my body was going to just let go. It happened so fast, I wasn't sure what was going on. I ended up stopping at a medical aid station, hydrating, applying Biofreeze to my sore muscles, and continued to walk the last 6 miles from Brentwood to Santa Monica Pier. I was almost in tears but didn't let it show on my face. When I turned the corner to Ocean and was on the final approach, the last .2 miles of the race the spectators were amazing! I kept hearing "Keep Going!" "You're almost there don't quit!" Mentally I felt like I completely gave up. I was defeated. I knew I could do better and wanted my first solo marathon to be one for the books. Well that it was. I did finish the race with a very respectable time of 5:42. Not bad for a first time out, but I knew I could have done better had I not hit the wall. So what happened?

I was hydrated thankfully. The problem came with nutrition on the course! I wasn't consuming enough calories during the appropriate times. So basically, my body ran out of energy, sucked the nutrients from other parts of my body to supplement which leads to extreme fatigue and cramps. I was toast. I've since learned what works for me in terms of caloric intake and I am doing MUCH better with this. Thank heavens.

Today, fellow So Cal runner pal Tracy posted a photo of the 2014 LA Marathon medal! I am just gonna say it, MUCH better than last year's medal. It had charm and whimsey and all that...but I like this one much better. That's just me. Anyway, I instantly got charged! I have 26.2 With Donna to focus on first (which is next week and I am so can still register by the way). I want to go out there and show Los Angeles who's boss! I run this city! I want to get out there and not only have fun and enjoy the sights, but finish faster and stronger! Can we say further, faster, forever? I have gotten stronger, I have learned a lot, and I am ready to ROCK IT! I am excited! Cheer me on! I will be out there enjoying every moment! It will also be hard not to stop for brunch again on Rodeo Drive. Let's the journey begin From Dodgers Stadium to the Sea! POW!

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