Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Moves Me!

Everybody is different. Everyone has a different motivation, training or race day ritual, or something that gives them that extra little push they need to keep going. I am no different. I know that I am an odd bird...almost a flappy bird...but I wanted to share with you what it is for me that keeps me motivated and what I focus on when the going gets a little tough.

Enjoy the Moment

Whether it is a training run, or a race...enjoy the moment! Each stride is a gift, so it's important to remember that I am blessed to be able to participate in this activity. Staying grounded is very important.

Appreciate the Energy

Whether I am alone, with friends, or among perfect strangers there is always energy being transferred between runners and spectators. Some people are nervous, others are anxious, some are determined. I appreciate everything. I may be focused on my run, but if I can see and sense someone needs a 'You Got This' I give it to them. When I ran Surf City a couple weeks ago around mile 11 I took a short walk break and a lady who was running stopped and gave me some really awesome encouragement! Never met her before, and she was just so encouraging and nice! That's what it's about!!! Positivity and being in the zone!

Zone In On Your Prize

It may be a medal. It may be a PR. It may be reaching a goal or watching your dream come true! No matter what it is, focus in on it if you need an extra push! Some races I have a goal in mind..usually it's for time. I do my best to maintain a consistent pace and fuel properly so I can reach that goal. Some days it doesn't happen, and that is perfectly fine. I say to myself...Hey you missed sub 2, bring it in strong for a great 2:05! You may miss and that is okay, but having something to meet you at the finish line is ALWAYS helpful! Maybe your spouse is there with your puppy waiting and all you want is the hug! It may be the satisfaction of finishing! No matter what it is, material or not it is yours and no one can take it away from you!

No matter what it is, just always remember that running is a gift. Running and participating in this great activity is a wonderful blessing. Don't take it for granted. The community is full of incredible people! Appreciate, praise, and encourage one another! We are all in this together as runners! Run on and be good to one another.

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  1. Great post to remind us to #runhappy and be grateful that we can run! Thanks for sharing :)