Saturday, January 11, 2014

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Day 4 - WDW Half Marathon

With two races behind us Dopey-bound runners, today was the day we added the long distances runs to the notches on our fuel belts. Waking up this morning was easier than yesterday. I think having a little down time in the room yesterday absolutely helped. Kat and I woke up and headed to Epcot to get parked and make our way to the corrals. After a brief potty stop we made our way to take the extra long walk to the start line. This is something I definitely do not like about the half or full marathon. You basically walk almost if not a mile to the start...early in the morning. It's crowded and exhausting. But we persevered. What made the walk sweeter is we ran into Pam and Christine from We Run Disney! I have bumped into them in past races, but haven't had the chance to catch up. A mile long walk seemed like the right time to do so, especially since they were both going to the same corral (G!).

Pam and Christine
After we secured our spots in the corral, it was only a brief moment before we were saluting our Nation and moving up to the start. Fireworks of course indicated the start of each corral and they were larger than each of the races before them. Which means tomorrow I expect a spectacular! Too bad for Corral F who did not get fireworks but to a slight mishap (sad trombone).

Corral G fireworks
Kat and I decided to run and walk at a 2/1 run walk interval again. We figured this would force us to regulate our pace and keep me from opening all cylinders to fast. I am very glad we did this. The race felt easy and comfortable the entire way. We took extra walk breaks as needed, but overall maintained a 12:30 average pace. We stopped for some rare character photos including Jack and Sally and Darkwing Duck and Launch Pad from The Disney Afternoon! Last year during the marathon I got my picture my DD, but Launch Pad wasn't there! I was SO EXCITED!

The participants today were great! Finally meeting some Goofy runners, seeing the worn down Dopeys, and seeing those that were braving the half marathon was awesome. Everyone was in great spirits and very encouraging on the route! I am always pleased when runners are nice to one another. After all we are all in this together (no High School Musical pun intended).

Participants on their way to The Magic Kingdom
One of my favorite things about these races is running into The Magic Kingdom, and making that turn onto Main Street USA and seeing Cinderella's Castle. It is magnificent. I always get the chills! This makes all the hard work and training worth it, and honestly, it never gets old! The spectators along the course on Main Street are also out of this world! They probably have some of the highest energy on the course.

Kat and I having fun!
We stopped for a few more photo ops and made our way out the back door of the park and headed back toward Epcot. By mile 8 we were both ready to finish the race up. We figured we could finish the race in under three hours and that is exactly what we did. We continued with our run/walk intervals to keep our muscles fresh. The last thing we wanted to do was blow my legs out the day before a marathon. Kat was a great help out there today. I wanted to just get the last 4 miles over with and she made doubly sure that I stayed on pace. She did let me dial up on the last half mile though which felt so awesome! We both crossed the finish line feeling great with huge smiles on our face. Which isn't saying much because we were laughing and smiling through the entire way! Very thankful for Miss Kat!

So, am I ready for a marathon tomorrow? Yes. I took it very easy this afternoon. I went to Magic Kingdom just to keep my legs moving a little bit, met Mickey Mouse, had lunch at Earl of Sandwich and now I plan on lounging in bed until Pasta in the Park at 7 in Epcot. I feel strong. I feel confident. Just like any marathon, I am a little nervous. But I will be using a 2/1 interval the entire time, I have plenty of fuel,  I'll be powered by bits, so I should be fine. Given that this central Florida weather is unpredictable I won't be worrying about a PR. I will be out there doing my best, remaining focused, and having a good time. I am ready, and I hope my fellow Dopeys are as well.

Rest up, hydrate, and fuel up runners! Tomorrow greatness awaits! I am so excited for the bling that is awaiting me! Run safe and run smart guys! Let's get it!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow, Linzie! I've had a blast keeping up with your races this weekend on social media! Can't wait to read the final recap and see your bling! :)