Monday, December 16, 2013

Product Review - INKnBURN's Long Sleeve Holiday 'Sweater' Tech Tee

Ya know, I think that whole facade that people put up about not liking corny holiday sweaters is a bunch of hog-wash! Everyone at least likes the idea of a holiday sweater...even if they aren't the one wearing it. If nothing else, we like to laugh at people that do wear them...come on kids, let's be honest...don't end up on Santa's naughty list for fibbing!

Well, the INKnBURN long sleeve holiday tech tee is absolutely nothing to laugh about! It has absolutely turned into a staple in my holiday collection, both for running and casual attire. For one, it isn't itchy OR ugly! Although the shirt looks like a sweater your no-so-favorite aunt may gift you with a pair of socks, it moves, breaths, and behaves like any other INKnBURN product would. You feel comfortable, you look great, and you distance yourself from the crowd! All pluses in my book. Another thing I discovered when I wore this shirt is the versatility of the sleeves. I usually like running in short sleeve tech tees, but while in Walt Disney World with a group of friends (and fellow INB Ambassador Jill) we all decided to get and wear our INB holiday sweaters for Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K...we had a blast by the way. What I liked was when I got hot, it was VERY easy to roll up my sleeves in such a manner that the tee actually looked like it was short-sleeved. It continued to perform amazingly with no chafing and still allowed for plenty of air to circulate through and of course wicking sweat!

Yesterday during my last half marathon of the year, I ran the local Holiday Half Marathon...which happens to be located less than a mile from my dad's house, so that made life easy! Winter in Southern California can be...well...what's winter really? We had a high of 74 degrees yesterday. It was a brisk 45 in the morning (which for some of you is considered a heat wave), so I couldn't wait to wear my festive tech tee again to this race. As the race got warmer, I used the same techniques for rolling my sleeves as I did previously. I received lots of compliments on my tee, and cheers as I came across the finish with a new PR of 1:57 for the half marathon!

If you are looking for shorts or a skirt to pair them with, denim is a popular favorite or even try the Brave plaid designs! Both are causal yet festive! Don't forget to pair it with a tech tube as well to keep your face warm! There is a holiday themed tube available if you want to match ;)

Now I did say I plan on wearing this tee casually as well...I have a holiday party at work on Thursday...problem solved.

Everyone needs this in their closets. Both red and navy sweaters are available at! Don't forget, for new customers to INKnBURN, create an account on their website and use discount code 'LinzieToldMe' to save 15% on your first purchase! I wonder what fun cooky design they will have next year?


  1. Congrats on your PR Linzie! I also love the holiday sweater from INKnBURN! Your blog looks great :)

  2. Ya know, I think that whole facade that people put up about not liking corny holiday sweaters is a bunch of hog-wash! Everyone at least likes ...