Sunday, December 8, 2013

Runner Spotlight - So Cal Divas

One of the things I love about this hobby/job I have is that I make friends all over the place! You meet people through social media, you meet in person and it's almost as if you've known them forever. As you continue to chat and share you discover that there are some amazing people out there. I have met SO many amazing folks through my running adventures, and people I am so glad I can actually call friends. Today at the So Cal Run Like A Diva half marathon (yes I did run), I ran into some ladies who just make me smile every time I see them. So rather than recap the race (it was through Ontario, CA past the airport, past Ontario Mills and ended back at the Convention Center flat and fast), I thought I would talk a little bit about some running divas who are just so amazing! I think I start doing runner spotlights on my blog! Again, there are so many great folks, I think it would be fun to spotlight some awesome people! So, let's get right into it!

Tracy can be found on Twitter @ATurtlesPace . She is one of the most tenacious ladies I've ever met. She lives here in So Cal and is a fellow EnergyBits ambassador. She is a #Run3rd team captain which is always a great quality. I first met Tracy in person at the Pasadena half marathon earlier this year. She was on a mission to see me and give me a hug. She was following me for some time, and made the point to tell me that I was one of the people that helps her to keep going. Tracy sometimes has a small challenge staying motivated to keep training, but let's be honest we have all been there me included. Every time I see Tracy, she is smiling, warm, genuine, and just a sweetheart! Even I have my bad days, and she knows how to send me a tweet just to say hi, remind me of all the hard work I've done, and to take my own advice and keep going. Tracy, you inspire me, you make me smile, and I am thrilled to know you and have you in my circle of friends and runners. Continue to run, smile, and inspire others. Go You!

You have seen me highlight Connie before on my blog, and I can't get enough of her! Find Connie on Twitter @Conniekos, and she recently took on a new adventure. She launched her own fan page for running on Facebook called I Love Running which brings runners from all over the world together in one place! I mean, she launched the page just a few months ago and already has more than...wait for it...TEN THOUSAND LIKES!!!!! I mean, I couldn't be happier for her. Connie always has a smile on her face! She often tells me that I was one of the reasons she felt it was possible for her to run her first marathon...which was this year's Bank of America Chicago Marathon...she was there with me :) I adore Connie! Anytime there is a running event that we are both at, we text one another and make sure we link up to chat and catch up! She's absolutely inspiring and her reach is only going to get wider! She touches people all over the world, and connects people on a forum to allow them to exchange information, pictures, and thoughts! Go Connie! Keep going, don't ever stop reaching for your dreams...oh and welcome to #TeamBits as one of our newest ambassadors!

Now this lady here. I actually have a real job that finances this bonkers hobby of mine, and I work with this awesome chic! It's my fault she started running...she blames me every chance she gets. I regret nothing. Jen is one determined chick! Jen started her journey earlier this year on a quest to loose weight and get healthier. She noticed how much fun I had telling her stories about running all these miles and just having a blast. At first she resisted and told me I was crazy (she was right lol). Then, she registered for Rock 'N' Roll San Diego and ran this June! Once she crossed that finish line, it was a wrap! She got the bug! Jen has achieved an incredible feat of running 3 half marathons this year. Let's not forget to mention her personal training and crossfit sessions! She has battled knee injury and is recovering and she told me today she refuses to give up! I am SERIOUSLY so happy and proud of Jen, as the monster I created LOL! She has such a great heart and I know she won't be stopped! In fact, I can't wait to see what adventure she takes on next! Jen is on Twitter @Jeninglewood GO JEN!

Wow...writing this was a lot of fun. All three of these ladies inspire me! Ladies, continue to do good stuff! The Captain is proud of you and always has your back! Never quit!

Be on the look out for future Runner Spotlights! Who knows, you may wind up here :)

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