Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Product Review - Orange Mud Hydraquiver

Hydration is a critical part of any athlete's training, racing, or conditioning. Hydration is the sweet elixir of life and without it...well we all know what happens. When you are out on your run, what do you bring with you to ensure you have enough liquid fuel to sustain your body for the duration of your workout? Some folks use handheld water bottles, others have fuel belts with small water bottle attachments, and others use hydration bladder systems. I heard that some runners even high leprechauns to set up aid stations along their route...lucky! I have used all of these items, and honestly I don't have a favorite. I mean, if I have to choose one I think the hand held is probably the thing I will reach for first. All that changed when I was introduced to Orange Mud. 

Orange Mud is a local Southern California company that makes arguably one of the best hydration systems for runners. I would like to introduce you to the HydraQuiver by Orange Mud! The HydraQuiver is a sleek, comfortable hydration systems for runners. The HydraQuiver fits comfortably over your shoulders and gently rests on your back, like a backpack. It is padded for comfort and does not chafe what so ever. Trust me, I took mine with me on my last Trail Marathon and didn't have any chafe issues at all. The HydraQuiver houses a 24 ounce bottle that fits securely in the pack. Worried about bouncing? Not an issue. This puppy stays put! I put it through the ringer doing the Griffith Park Trail Marathon which has over 3700 feet of elevation gain and loss on the trails...that sucker didn't bounce or chafe at ALL! Your hydration is within reach...right over your shoulder. This enables you to continue moving forward while grabbing some liquid and continuing on your journey.

What I think is probably the winning factor of this device is how much storage is in this thing! I put it to the test a few weeks ago. I placed my car keys, my nutrition (Clif Blocs and EnergyBits), and 7 packs of Skratch Labs packets. Would you believe I had plenty of room left? Now of course doing this will cause your pack to get a little heavier, but a small adjustment of the shoulder straps and no problem. There is also a port so you can pull your headphone cord through and safely keep your iPod or phone inside your pack. BRILLIANT! Did I mention it comes in a ton of colors to match your personality or your outfit? Comfort, convenience, and versatility. I do my best not to run without this thing. It really is one of my staple items for my gear catalog. If you are looking for a hydration solution for your trail or road runs that stays put, provides plenty of hydration, and is versatile enough to handle whatever you throw at is, the Orange Mud HydraQuiver is what you're looking for!

As an Orange Mud Ambassador, I can offer you a great discount on the store online! CLICK HERE to be taken to the store. Then when you get to check out, use code ABLINZROCKS to save yourself 15%! Let them know I sent you over! Don't sit around and wait...you have to have one of these bad boys! If I were Oprah, this would totally be on my Favorite Things list! GO ORANGE MUD!


  1. Linzie is nothing short of a running rock star. Thanks for the review Linzie!

  2. Great review but man I wish I had read it BEFORE I bought it at full price...argh...