Thursday, April 10, 2014

7 Days To Boston #7 - Sam Adams 26.2 Boston Brew

Today marks exactly one week until my flight to Boston!!!! I can't even express how excited I am to get into town and start having a blast with so many great people! In celebration of this awesome event, over the next week I will be sharing 7 things I am most excited for! Today we start with something that has been on my mind ever since I heard it existed...The Samuel Adams 26.2 Boston Brew, crafted especially for the Boston Marathon.

This is Samuel Adams' third year as a sponsor of the Boston Marathon, and they are excited to present this awesome brew to the athletes and supporters again this year. Last year, after the tragic events that took place, Sam Adams donated the proceeds of 26.2 Boston Brew to the Greg Hill Foundation, which provided immediate support to the survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombings...and this year they will do the same! How cool is that!

Now, what exactly IS 26.2 Boston Brew, and why is it so awesome? First, let me tell you my first time drinking this stuff will be next my thoughts are based on reading articles and reading the Sam Adams blog. Although, everything I have read has me SO excited...ya know since I am such big beer snob. 26.2 Boston Brew is a Gose style of beer...this is a really old style of beer that dates back to the year 700...yes folks it's true our ancestors were getting their lives with libations back then!  The beer is perfect for marathon weekend because the alcohol by volume (ABV) is 4.5%. The beer has hints of flavor that are spicy, peppery, with a touch of hear that, SALT! Runners need salt! How can this beer be bad?!?!? I mean is this not the perfect recovery beverage to celebrate with! Imagine drinking it at Fenway Park after the race...oh wait that's gonna happen!!!!!!!

Another fun fact about this beer is that is only sold on draft at specific bars along the marathon route! No bottles are available for purchase, so sorry I can't bring some home to share. My running family will be wrapping up our weekend of excellence by taking part in what was one of Sam Adams coolest gestures, a tour of the brewery (which he had planned on anyway) but runners will get a great 26.2 Boston Brew shaker glass as a souvenir! I toured the brewery last year and had a blast so this will be extra special! And yes the brew will be on tap for us to sample (YAAS!)

I love a good beer, so I am REALLY excited to try this out. I plan on buying my glass stein and having it filled to the brim! I in fact may just do a review about this stuff! OH! So excited! I hope you're ready Sam Adams!

*Reference Samuel Adams Blog for more information. Some information cited for reference purposes.

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