Saturday, April 12, 2014

7 Days to Boston Number 6 & 5

Sorry about last night. I had dinner plans and forgot to set up my posting to go out. So this morning you are lucky enough to get TWO for the price of one in my 7 Days to Boston countdown. We are now 5 days out and it's about time to start preparing wardrobe items. Boston is looking to be in the mid 50s all week...which is quite the drastic change from the 85-90 degree weather I am living for in Southern California. Which brings me to my number 6, Marathon Scarves!

Number 6 - Old South Church Marathon Scarves

The wonderful folks at the Old South Church, often referred to as the Finish Line Church started this incredible project. The asked knitters, crocheters, and other types of folk that turn yarn into pretty things to make scarves in the BAA colors of yellow and blue. The church will take the donated scarves and wrap this year's runners in love, warmth, and blessings as we prepare for our journey. This is really an incredible though and quite touching. So far, the church has collected over 5000 scarves that will be given to runners who come to the church during their designated times. I will make sure I am first in line to receive one of these unique gifts. Thank you to the Old South Church and the hands that prepared the scarves for your time, generosity, and thoughts. I know each of them are unique and made with love.

Number 5 - Buy ALL The Things, The John Hancock Race Expo

Yesterday, I wrote out my budget for the weekend. I know how much I am spending on food and beer, but even better, I know how much cash I am spending at the race least I am going to try my best! It is no secret that the Boston Marathon expo is the premiere race expo of the year! Vendors and companies come from all over the world to promote their races, new products and services, and of course bring delicious samples to try. I can not wait to pick up my race packet, go to INKnBURN and see what's up their sleeve, head to Skechers and check out their new shoes (i've heard good things), buy a million t-shirts, buy all the glassware...then be upset because I will more than likely have to go to the UPS store to ship my goodies back home! LOL

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