Wednesday, April 30, 2014

9 Days Post Boston Emotional Hangover

It's crazy to think that just nine days ago I ran The Boston Marathon. I had one of the best experiences of my endurance running career that weekend. I couldn't be more prouder at this moment. Not just of myself, but of Katie and Adam two of the best folks you can run with and I am so happy to call them friends. Now that Boston is over, I know that I personally am reeling from an overwhelming amount of thoughts and emotions. And because that's that this blog is for...I thought I would share them with you. I mean a lot of you do have an invested interest in my Boston Marathon through your donations to the Boston Bruins Foundation so it's only right that I share with you! Before we go any further...yes that is Matt and I at the Samuel Adams Brewery with our glasses of beer. Don't judge we were celebrating. are the things giving me a post-Boston Marathon hangover.

The City
I miss Boston. I think Boston is such a special and unique city. I even made up a little story about the magical land of Boston during my first visit to Boston in June of last year. The energy and the spirit of the city is something that is so special and unique. I've never seen anything like it. And let's be real, I wish they had a Boston Common / Public Garden type of location where I live because I would never leave.

Time With Friends & Making New Ones
Of course I spent the weekend with my #CorralG peeps but honorable mention absolutely goes to Matthew & Angela Ammick for their hilarious personalities and generosity. They were just a barrel of laughs the entire weekend and even nice days post we are still texting back and forth reliving the amazing moments of the weekend!

Friends and Fun at Fenway!

No shocker here, but I love Sam Adams beer. So much in fact that when the invitations came out for the Brewery tour for the runners I RSVP'd Adam, Katie, and Jen then told them about it later. These things are important. Priorities people! Sam Adams has some yumtastic stuff and anytime I go to Boston the brewery is a must do on my list of things to do. The tour guides are hilarious and the tasting room is always a riot because you always make a new friend...and find out who's mom can drink you under the table! Work out Mama Chambo!

Hey! We are celebrating!

The Excitement of Race Day
There was so much anticipation building up to race day. Then race day happened and it was over. I really didn't want the experience to end. The spectators were amazing. The communities all came together to show the world what Boston Strong really meant. That energy from that marathon won't be duplicated again. This was a healing day for the city of Boston and the running community. I also believe that every marathon has it's own personality so this was very special.

The "Team Jackets"

DOYLE'S!!!!! *fist pump*
After the brewery tour, it's only right that you board the Party Trolley and go less than a mile down the street to DOYLE'S *fist pump*. DOYLE'S!  has delicious food and Samuel Adams of many varieties on draft. And you can trade your tour ticket for an authentic Sam Adams glass. I love that place. I had the potato chip crusted chicken strips. I was basically in heaven. Now the problem comes in when you have to come home and get back on that training program. Work Hard Play Hard!

My life.

The Excitement of Boston 2015
Now the waiting game begins. I have been in contact with the BBF and it looks like I may be returning to Boston in 2015. Now we will see what happens as the months go forward but I am excited to see what the future holds. I have some unfinished business with Heartbreak Hill! She's so rude. So stay tuned to see what happens!

Those are just a few thoughts I am having at the moment and thought I would share with you! Now time to rest up, continue the recovery from Big Sur and get ready or OC Marathon on Sunday! YAY! I'm not hungover from the beer...although I drank it all...I am hungover with emotion. I loved this trip so much.


  1. Awwwwwwww
    I freaking love this! I am so sad it's over-we had the BEST time!!!

  2. Boston is an amazing place! I've only been there twice, but felt it the very first time I went. Of course, Marathon weekend is extra special. Then, you add to it THE Boston Strong year and finally meeting amazing friends, and anyone would have a nine day (or longer) hangover! I know I still have it!!