Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sharp's Park Ranger Challenge

I am not a person who is very fond of camping in tents, sleeping on the ground, cuddling up with dirt and bugs. I prefer a luxurious resort with a spa. But that does not mean that I do not appreciate the beauty of nature...I just don't want to sleep on it haha.

Vacation Races has been something that has peaked my interest for some time now. The first race I remember seeing them put on was the Zion Half Marathon in Utah. For me, much like a city race, there is no better way to experience a city or a destination than to lace up and just run through it! I find inspiration from running in beautiful places. I draw inspiration from the painted canvas that is our National Parks. I love rock formations, bunnies, birds, and seeing things in their natural state. Experiencing nature and seeing the colors and textures it produces is simply unparalleled.

So in 2014, I have decided to quit my day job and become a Park Ranger. Well...sort of.

Today, I registered for the Zion Half Marathon...let the altitude training begin. As registration opens for the remaining three races, I will register and run. This includes:

Maybe I can convince them that they should turn these logos into patches so I can put them on a jacket! I am really excited about the prospects of this race series and can't wait. First stop, ZION!

And this just in...they are also working on a Beach Front Half Marathon wallet is in trouble.

Now, log off your computer and go walk children in nature!


  1. I had to think about it for a minute but I will be - yes - 35 next year in May and may just have to join you at the Grand Canyon to celebrate!! Keep me posted on when registration opens!

    1. Will Do Katie!! Looks like October will be the opening of registration :)