Sunday, August 11, 2013

Continue Through It

Training is difficult. I mean, if running a half or full marathon were easy everyone would do it, right? I will be the first to tell you my biggest problem is consistency! I know I should run further and more frequently, but I have a hard time staying focused. I have since had to take a step back and evaluate my goals, my race calendar, and my choices so that I can perform at optimal levels when race day comes. I know most of us feel that way. It is hard to stick to training programs. It is hard to see others posting about their awesome runs while life got in the way of yours...I get it and can totally relate. But let's be honest with one isn't suppose to be easy! Training building character and builds tenacity and endurance! So, the stronger our focus and discipline is, the better our results. This also talks to the important topic of proper fuel and nutrition as well.

I am going to share with you some of the methods and ideas I have found that work for me. I am absolutely sure that none of these are new ideas that I came up with, as we as a civilized people have been studying human behavior for centuries...but that doesn't mean I can't try to lend a helping hand :)

Remember Why You Started This Journey In The First Place! 

More often that not, people just don't wake up and start training for a half or full marathon. Usually, some form of inspiration has smacked us across the face and that ignites the inspiration to keep going. I started running to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I had no idea it would take over my life in such an enriching way. As a motivational runner/blogger, I find it is important to progress and get stronger and faster. If I am remaining stagnant and not reaching milestones or achievements...then all my hard work is for not. I can't have that. I enjoy the work I do on this platform way to much, and awesome folks like you appreciate my words. So, I keep in mind that I want to remain healthy and continue to inspire with the highest level of positive impact possible! You may not be a blogger, but we I know you have your own personal reason for why you run. Don't loose sight of that. You can always look back to it for comfort and energy to push you through your training run or race.

Surround & Align Yourself With Energy That Compliments Your Goals!

Energy is not lost, it is transferred from one party to the next. Energy comes through people, nature, animals, light, and anything here on Earth, really. Have you ever noticed that when you have someone in your life that brings you down whether directly or indirectly it has an effect on your mood? In order to maintain focus on your goals and dreams, it is critical that you surround yourself with people that are loving and supportive of your dreams and aspirations. I am not suggesting to cut people out of your life that may have a bad day...we all have them including me. But really be aware of the energy that is in your space. It has a huge impact on you as a person...and I want to see you win!

I hope you found these tips helpful! Share them with a friend! What are some things you do to keep you focused and motivated?


  1. Great piece! Thank you for sharing!

    I'm pretty good about staying on track. Keeping races on my schedule (not too many, not too few) definitely helps keep me in the right mindset. I do have days where I get tired and bail on my workouts, but I just put it behind me and keep moving forward.

    1. I use that strategy as well. The more races I have, the more goals I have to focus on which is helpful :) Keep up the good running!