Tuesday, August 6, 2013

INKnBURN Product Review - The Tech Tube!

One of the things I love to do is talk about products I love! I am fortunate enough to be an Ambassador for INKnBURN, which for most of you is no surprise haha! In a past blog post, I talked about their tech shirts, shorts, and water bottle handhelds...all of which I still love and I have increased my inventory by some ungodly number! Now, I want to give you some insight on a little wonder they like to call The Tech Tube!

The Tech Tube is something really special. It is currently available in twelve different styles and can be worn by both men and women. The tube is made from the same high-quality material as their awesome tech tees! They are soft, yet durable. Each design is strategically placed on each tech tube to allow the highest level of versatility when it comes to how we as athletes wear them. Take the Rock n' Roll tube I am wearing in the first picture. I am using that tube as a headband and was able to roll the tube in such a way that the skull and logo appeared front and center, and the wings wrap gracefully around my head! Details are very important when it comes to art and apparel, and INKnBURN absolutely has this down to a science.

As a headband, this tube does not disappoint. It is light, and wicks and captures sweat, and needs absolutely no adjustment once secured to my brow. I used to run wearing a Halo headband, nothing wrong with the Halo, but I find that the tech tube is more my speed. Ladies, I would recommend this as a way to hold your hair back during your runs.

But of course there are other uses for the tech tube other than just a headband!

Sometimes, we just need to be prepared. You can roll the tube and slide it around your neck, and it instantly is ready for action when needed. Pull it up to your forehead for a headband, slick back your hair, remove it and place it around your wrist to wipe away sweat. You name it. One neat thing about this application is you can create a small pocket and place ice in it to help cool you...hands free! Something to think about after a day on the trails or finishing a road race...it is summer after all ;)

As temperatures start to cool down this fall, I love wearing a good beanie! I love things that are stylish and are eye catching. Well, who knew that the tech tube could be transformed into a beanie!? I didn't! And I am absolutely excited about it! With so many designs to choose from, those cold races are a thing of the past. Sweat catcher and stylish hat in one! And when you aren't racing, they are great casual wear accessories...much like most of the thing InB makes!

You can learn to make the beanie by watching the Pro Holly in this video:

This is quite possibly one of my favorite items to run with. It has become a staple in my arsenal for sure! And the price isn't bad either at $25.00! Remember, these are high quality tech tubes made from some awesome material, the softest threads, and the art is impeccable.

So do yourself and your wardrobe a small favor, click here to view their selection of absolutely fantastic tech tubes, order one, and give it a go! Want to make the deal even sweeter, when you decide to purchase, create an INKnBURN account, and use promo code 'LinzieToldMe' at checkout! You will receive 15% off your purchase! This is a one-time use code, but I am sure once you try INKnBURN, you'll see that the price is well worth it! So be sure to check out their tees, shorts, camisoles, etc.

Distance Yourself with INKnBURN, where Art and Apparel Collide and bring you some amazing gear!


  1. Sold, I need to add one to my purchase! I need to wait until Thursday to order to ensure my package doesn't arrive before I get back into town.

    1. Can't wait to see what design you choose!

  2. Nice, that's one piece of gear I don't have! Will have to look into a beanie on my next order.

    -Ambassador Karah

  3. Karah - I LOVE my tech tubes! They are excellent! Let me know if you need help folding it into a beanie...takes some practice haha!