Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The runDisney #WineDineHalfMeetUp Sneak Attack

I don't have to tell you that runDisney meet-ups are probably some of the most highly anticipated social media events of any runDisney race weekend. runDisney enthusiasts forgo food, drink, and sleep to hopefully catch the Disney Parks Blog at the perfect time, so they can hopefully secure their spot on the VIP list. WELP, runDisney changed the game today. The announced the meet-up only after one teaser tweet...

Now once this tweet went out, my timeline went NUTS! Speculation. Ideas. Theories. River boat casinos! You name it, the runDisney community was all over this. Now what is interesting about this, is one this came out a little early. Typically these announcements will come out one week prior the event...we got this one two weeks early. Two, usually the teasers don't have fun graphics attached...that's when I knew something was up.

THEN, not even an hour later...this came across my iPhone...

Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing, and crafted my email. I didn't even know my fingers could go that fast. And fortunately, I was selected to be one of the 125 lucky participants who will enjoy this fun filled evening.

The purpose of my post is to really just say how awesome I thought this sneak attack was. runDisney really caught most of us really off guard today. There was no time for blog stalking. There was no time to start developing theories or assumptions as to when the post may happen. It just happened. I also appreciate that this is the largest meet-up runDisney will have hosted to date, boasting 125 spots. The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend meet-up had 100. This allows room for some new faces to join the fun! Click here for the list of lucky attendees. They also took the attendees in the order they were received in the email box. Which means, if your email was complete and met the criteria, your name was added in sequence. 

I can't wait to attend this meet up. I land at MCO at 5:30PM on the Thursday of marathon weekend, that means I have an hour to get to my resort at the beautiful Port Orleans Riverside, change, and head to EPCOT for an evening of fun, magic, and WINE!

Who's with me? Are you ready to taste your way around the world? I know I am.

Well played, runDisney. Well played.


  1. Ah I love that they did it this way. Can't wait to see what you get to do!

  2. I too loved the sneak attack. And so excited to get in at last - after so many attempts this past year! We were not even planning to be at Wine & Dine - and we sent our email like some type of reflex action. Afterwards we joked - wouldn't it be hilarious if this time we actually did get in, since we won't be there? Joke is on us. For this meetup - we are changing plans and going! Well Played. runDisney. Well Played.

  3. The "sneak attack" was definitely a cool way to do it. It was nice to not be stalking the blog all day like I did for Tink! Congrats on getting in, see you there!

  4. What a great post! You captured my feelings to a "T" - I'm so excited to meet you and so many other awesome, inspiring people! Yay!

  5. Congratulations! Totally jealous that you are going, of course, but have a ball!!

    I was confused because despite being on twitter all day yesterday, I didn't see the tweets. (Wah, wah!) I have been looking at the blog daily, but saw no hints there either. This morning at 7 a.m. I got an email from runDisney (sent by Run Disney at 4:03 a.m. PST according to the time stamp) that had an announcement that it was time to RSVP. So of course I sent an RSVP. It would have been much more accurate if the runDisney email had admitted, "dude, the meetup is already full" than to tease recipients with a "time to RSVP!"

    Unless, of course, they intend to invite some more of us?

    1. Hmmm that is quite interesting. Typically they do not tease the meet-up on the Disney Parks Blog. Usually it is only done via Twitter. It's usually a top secret time and date for release. I sure hope you get the opportunity to join a meet-up in the future :)

  6. I love that it was a sneak attack. I don't have great blog stalking skills and just happened to be surreptitiously installing the twitter app on a new phone during a really boring meeting at work just before 2pm. I never even saw the teaser tweet! The runDisney announcement tweet was the third tweet on my feed when I pulled it up. I went into crazy e-mail mode on instinct alone! Congrats on getting in and looking forward to meeting you there!

  7. That's awesome--Stacy and I are not getting in until Friday, but we're staying at the same resort! Hope to see you around and hear all about the meetup fun! See you at wine & dine!!!