Wednesday, October 2, 2013

THANK YOU! Chicago Marathon Fundraising Goal MET

WE DID IT! Today marks a wonderful milestone for me! I reached my goal of $1,100.00 for the American Cancer Society! I will run 26.2 miles next weekend during the Bank of America Chicago Marathon! This milestone could not have been reached without all of your support, donations, and well wishes. I am very grateful, and I speak for the people your donations will help as well! I am sure they appreciate it as well.

I was reading the donation log prior to reading this and some of you wrote some really awesome and encouraging comments to me. I am going to take them and turn them into some sort of collage which I will share on a later post. I tell you all the time, but you guys are just so awesome! This really means the world to me!

Now, after I return from Chicago I will be randomly drawing two names from the list below...each of these wonderful donators will receive $50.00 to INKnBURN as a thank you from me to you!

So THANK YOU to those that donated! Here is Sharp's Honor Roll and personal thanks!

Morgan Crutchfield                
Patty Holliday                        
Linda Carrasco                     
Joe Rainone                           
Marcia Barton                     
Terry Palomino                     
Sandra Ady                           
John Yarber                          
Candace Harmon                 
Elcin Haskollar                    
Dan McNeely                      
Rachel Boggs                      
Kim Kijanka                       
Tracy Garcia                       
Connie Kosberg   
Cyanna Demchak
Scott Hoiem
Paul Mathias
Tracy Burwell
Ty Parkes
Jeffrey Au Spafford
Kristie Macris
Kimberly Markey
Adam Chamberlain
Nicole Glass
Rick Stiles
Benny LeMaster
Katie Preston
Krissy Murphy
Andrea Miller

Again, from the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU!!!!!

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