Monday, October 7, 2013

Music, Running, And The Symphony of Synergy They Create

What transformed from an Ambassador assignment for INKnBURN, actually sparked some naturally I had to let it all out and share it with you.

The INKnBURN Ambassadors are often asked to participate in some fun/interesting assignments which help us showcase the brand we all love so much. The most recent assignment was to take a photo of us doing something that enhanced our running. Normally, a spark of creativity hits me right away, but this assignment was a little different. It took me a while (two weeks actually) to figure out how I wanted to approach this assignment. I wanted to be 100% genuine in my response so I pondered. Then tonight, it hit me over the head like a refrigerator to Roger Rabbit's noggin. MUSIC.

It is very seldom you will see me running without music of some kind being pumped into my skull. I have run without tunes, and even enjoy the quiet time on certain occasions...but normally I have tunes with me. Let me share a story with you.

Music has always been my first love in terms of hobbies and skills. I mean, I have been singing ever since I could remember. I always felt the draw to the stage and to sing. From that love, came my love to understand music theory. I wanted to understand the language of music. What it was, why is was designed the way it was. Why and how can music take control of your emotions and convey such an emotional response? I needed to know. So naturally, I studied it. Fast forward to my high school years when my good friend Scott introduced me to radio broadcasting, turntableism, and audio imaging and design. Imaging became my strong point. Building radio spots, creating a brand, and a sound. This is what was in my DNA. I often tell people I read two languages, English and Audio Waves.

Clearly, that was not the career path that I chose and I have no regrets about the choice. I have my own fun ways of using music as a creative outlet, so it isn't a wasted talent I assure you.

When I found running, running gave me the same rush. I instantly felt connected to my inner-self. I felt comfortable and happy. The minute I plugged in a playlist I threw together and went out for a run was the day I knew something incredible had occurred. I knew that at THAT moment that the synergy that was created within my spirit was something so real, so raw, so, real. It reminds of the Disney/Pixar movie 'Ratatouille' when Remy is explaining what happens when he eats food. An incredible symphony of flavors and emotions sweep over him.

Same thing with me...minus the food. I see colors. I feel emotions. I honestly feel like I have connected with my true self, and THAT ladies and gentleman is the moment when I lock in and experience my own personal Nirvana.

Running and Music are two things in my life that I cherish. Remember a few weeks ago when I had my ear infection? I wasn't mad about the ear infection. I was mad that it was inhibiting my ability to hear, to listen, to experience! It would be like having a foot injury (which I do not have). Damn the injury, I can't run! Now let's hope both don't go at the same time, because then you'd have to roll me into Betty Ford. Positive thoughts only.

So, I share that story with you tell you that music and running for me are more than just hobbies. For me, they are a way of life. I survive and thrive on them. What do you thrive on?


  1. I could not agree more!! I, too, have run before w/out music, but I cannot imagine doing it by choice very often. It moves me, it inspires me, and it gives me that push to RUN! Last March, I unexpectedly got a PR at a local 5K. At the last quarter mile I realized PR was possible just as "Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now" came on my playlist. I PUSHED it and got my PR (set exactly a year prior at the same race) by a mere 12 seconds. I attribute at least 85% of that push to good ol' Flo Rida.
    The very next day I ran a half marathon. I realized probably in the last couple of miles that if I pushed it, I could set a PR. So I found the same exact song and put that bad boy on repeat. Three "Clubs" later, I beat my half marathon PR (set 14 months earlier at my 2nd half ever--this was my 8th) by two full minutes. BOOM.
    I get chills now whenever I hear that song.

  2. I absolutely love to run to music, and the worst thing to happen is when my iPod dies during a run. Luckily, that has not happened in a while (knock on wood). I know coaches say you need to listen to your breathing, but when I do, I over think things, get out of rhythm, and I get an awful side stitch. The music lets me go with the flow.

  3. I feel ya completely! Music helps the miles go by. What's fun is to see which song in the playlist will be inspirational on each and every run. It's amazing how different songs can get us going on different days and some songs ALWAYS get us going every time. For me, right now, that go to song is "Overcomer" by Mandisa. It's a song inspired by Robin Roberts of Good Morning America and her fight with cancer. This song literally gives me chills as I run.

    I share your love of music Linz. When I started off in college, I was a music performance major with dreams of being a professional trumpet player. That didn't work out. However, my love of music will never go away. I'm one of those music lovers whose musical taste is very diverse and my running playlist will back that up. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing.