Monday, July 8, 2013

Celebrate the Small Stuff

Any kind of training, studying, or focus can be difficult. With all activities that require dedication, it is easy to get discouraged when progress isn't noticed right away, or if you silently become envious of others progressing or reaching places that you wish you could. Expel those thoughts, put them in your nearest Converse shoe box, and throw that thing in the street.

Negative and harmful thoughts are just those. Harmful. You were born to be great. You are magnificent. You are enough.

Even an expert was once a novice. We all have our journey to pioneer, and our path to blaze. I tell people all the time, I am no expert. I do this for the love of running, and for the love of sharing stories to keep you motivated. I tell people all the time and constantly remind myself to celebrate all the small victories in my training or my racing.

  • You shaved two seconds off of your average pace.
  • You didn't get injured in that race.
  • That wasn't my best tempo run, but on the next training day I will do better.
  • You made someone smile today.

Those are all examples of things I have said or do say to myself. Perspective is key. It is important to celebrate ALL of your accomplishments and successes. What you think is tiny or doesn't matter does matter. Trust me, we will all have those days when we do not want to train or focus...but remembering the small victories and staying in a positive mind set can actually help curb those unproductive thoughts. Remembering that you had a great run on your last training day, can be motivation to do better the next day. Continue to move the line forward and bask in your greatness. Dismiss your fear of failure. Everyday will not be incredible and you will have bad days. We all have them and they will pull up a chair and help themselves to a glass of tropical Nuun. But they won't stay very long. I will tell you a are stronger than those thoughts.

Fight through, stay positive, celebrate those small victories! You are enough and you are amazing! No go run and be awesome!


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  1. I love the optimism you have! It is VERY contagious! :) Some people must think I am crazy when I get excited about the small stuff.