Friday, May 16, 2014

Power to the Blends

One thing that keeps me going are the crazy and unexpected friendships I have made and continue to nurture with fellow runners and bloggers. Once they become friends (like we text and chat pretty much every day in some form) they take on the term "Blends". I have lots of people I want to name so there will be multiple parts of this series but I have to start somewhere. So let's just dive right on in! And before they even start these are in no particular order (uhhum KAT LOL)

I just love Dani! I met Dani at Rock N Roll Los Angeles last year. She was coordinating a social media meet up at Yard House at LA Live the day before the race. Of course, I made my presence known. I am so glad that I did. I met a ton of new people some I had been following via social media and others were new introductions. Now the minute I met Dani I knew we were going to get along. She is full of energy, so positive, and just a joy to be around. You can’t help but smile when you are around her. Later that day, I would head to Paramount Ranch to participate in Keira Henninger’s Haunted Trails of the Night 10K. I was walking back to my car and I ran into Dani…totally surprising. She was there to support a friend of hers and Keira being as awesome as she is allowed Dani to participate...but there was a hitch. It’s a night time race in the Malibu hills and the only light out was the beautiful moon. I offered to pace and run with Dani since I had my new fancy Black Mountain headlamp. That was an amazing choice we made. We chatted the entire time about who we were, where we came from, our goals, our dreams, Dani’s Boston experience. I instantly bonded with her. Dani really is an inspiring person. Her weight loss journey is just astounding. I’ve kept in contact with Dani over the past year, hosted social media tweet ups, shared blogging ideas, and partied like rockstars in Disney World and Boston together. She’s truly gem and I am happy to be part of her circle. You should definitely follow Dani’s blog Weight Off My Shoulders and on social media. She always knows how to make me smile...and she is also a great listener.

Kat is my sister from another mister. She is a ton of laughs and fun! I was first introduced to Kat as her, Brian from Pavement Runner (we will get to him), and I coordinated the #DumboTweetUp last year at Disneyland. We instantly clicked. Kat is all about fitness and is an amazing coach! Kat is just as sarcastic as I am…which is always an adventure haha. She roomed with me during Dopey weekend for a few days and we hung out, laughed, ate Quest Bars, and enjoyed the half marathon with social media walk breaks. I probably talk to Kat at least once a day. She is one of the people that helps me stay on track and accountable with my fitness goals. She’s a hoot. She also has an amazing fitness and weight loss journey that you can follow at Katrina Elle. I KNOW I talk to Kat at least once a day and it’s usually just a barrel of laughs. If you are interested in pursuing some fitness goals in any sense, definitely reach out to Kat. She’s a personal trainer, Shakeology advocate, and all around a positive person. I love me some Kat.

Brian is just a cool cat! If you haven’t visited or followed Brian on Pavement then I’m not quite sure where you have been. Brian is such an inspiring guy. I met in him person for the first time at last year’s San Francisco marathon expo. I was REALLY nervous about that. Brian is highly respected runner and blogger. What I like most about him is that he is just a laid back soul. We clicked immediately. He is really kind, really open, really fast, and quite the inspiring runner. He has had my back throughout my personal blogging journey from the beginning. He is always helpful, and supports his friends and other runners. Anyone that has met him knows that he is totally approachable and hilarious! We have hosted meet-ups and coordinated a few social media events together. We always support one another in our many adventures. It’s great having this guy in my corner. It’s probably best that he lives in Nor Cal and I live in So Cal…I’m not sure the Interwebs could handle the two of us in the same space for too long. We always have a blast. I can’t wait to hang out in San Diego in a couple weeks. Should be a ton of fun!

Let’s talk about Michael. I met this fun guy also during Rock N Roll Los Angeles. Pavey ran with Lisa (@runwiki) who is just a love, and I crashed the party! We also had Michael come along from the fun 13.1 mile ride through Los Angeles. Michael is from Texas and this guy is a machine. Michael and I have stayed in touch over the months and I have been cheering him on as he takes on running allllll the races. I mean, I thought I ran all the races…this guy hasn’t stopped. He has some goals, and he is going for it. I couldn’t be prouder. Michael has started his blog at and you can read all about what he has going on. What I like most about Michael is he is just a great spirit. He travels all over and everywhere he goes he just smiles and meets someone new. I can’t wait to run with him in San Diego. Pavey, Michael, and I are gonna have a boys run that weekend. Maybe we will break the Interwebs…or at least prepare it for #Disney2LV. Certainly follow Michael and all his adventures. This guy pretty much rocks the party.

This is a really fun post to actually write. I have many other people I want to highlight and share with all of you. Who are some of your favorite bloggers? I would love to meet some new people and make some more friends?


  1. Wow...Linz, you just got me hooked into 3 more blogs! Thanks for sharing this. I'm hoping to become part of Blends. Hoping to run into you at RnRSD... Have a kick ass weekend

  2. Love and QUEST bars and SHAKEOLOGY - FO LIFE!

  3. YOU! you are one of my fave bloggers and people buddy, xo