Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Boston 2 Big Sur 2 OC - Challenge Completed

Well that was a fun 13 days! Three marathons...that was just damn crazy LOL! So I have run Boston, Big Sur, and the OC Marathon! I have gotten a ton of comments on both Facebook and Twitter asking me 'Are you going to take a break now?" The answer to that question is yes. I had the time of my life in Boston, I enjoyed the beauty and splendor of Big Sur, and celebrated two years of endurance running in the OC. My mind and body are spent. I didn't get injured, and my spirit isn't broken. My focus is now going to shift a little bit.

I announced a few days ago that I want to run a sub 4 hour marathon by my birthday on December 9th. Things like that don't just happen, they require training, focus, and proper nutrition. My line of sight is going right to that sub 4. Not only do I plan on being a sub 4 hour marathoner, I want do to be consistent at it. I want to be strong and fast. I have some plans in front of me and those will kick into full gear as early as next week. I want to have an amazing showing at Marine Corps Marathon this year. I would love for it to happen then. That is five months from now. It takes no less than six months to train for a marathon. Clearly we know I can go the 26.2 mile distance with no issue, now the goal is to do it faster, stronger, and consistently. I do have some races sprinkled in the second half of the year but this tour I just finished was the bulk of my year. So wish me luck on that.

In a few weeks I am going to buy a bike. I'm real excited about this! I love bike riding for fun, but to do it for distance and competition would be a REAL thrill...especially since I have officially raised my hand and made a personal commitment to myself to compete in Ironman Miami 70.3 as early as 2015 if not depends on how comfortable I feel. I am all about pushing my limits and since I will be training for a sub 4 a lot of the strength and endurance training can be leveraged for Ironman. I've never thought of myself as an Ironman nor have I ever thought it would be a possibility for me. I want to see what this machine I call my body is made of. Training plans, nutrition, and focus. It's going to be an amazing lifestyle change. Of course I will continue to race and encourage all of you as I have been doing, but get ready for some really fun and interesting training updates in lieu of race recaps...I also have some awesome giveaways coming in the next few weeks.

So thanks everyone for your encouragement and thoughts as I took on ALL the races before the first half of the year was over. We still have a way to go before the year is over, but I am certain it will be nothing short of amazing. Let's get after these dreams!

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