Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Celebrating National Running Day 2014

One of our favorite running holidays has arrived! It is National Running Day! National Running Day is more than a day where we as runners lace up and head out to log a few miles. This is a day where we as a community of runners come together to focus and reaffirm why it is we do what we do. Every single runner has a different story. While many people may have started running for similar reasons, or discovered running by accident like I did, today is all about remembering why you started running in the first place, encouraging others, and focusing on those goals you have. I have to say, all of the stories, posts, and images I see on my news feeds and on other blogs inspire me everyday. No matter what you skill level, you are making a difference and an impact on someone else. So I encourage all of you to continue toward those goals and thank you for inspiring and motivating me!

How am I celebrating today? Well, after work I thought I would head to the Preserve and climb some hills and then run down them really really fast lol. That has become one of my favorite places to run. A local trail, beautiful scenery, and so much to explore and discover. I get to connect with the landscape and clear my head and for those moments I feel alive and centered. Running has given me so much. Amazing friendships, a sense of purpose, drive and determination, and the sexiest leg muscles I've ever had. Last night I signed on to be part of the Run It Fast club to continue to connect with runners to Run Fast HAHA! No seriously, this is an awesome group of athletes of all skill levels and I can't wait to really get in there and have some fun! I'll also be continuing to interact with all of you! And let's start with this blog post. Share in the comments why you run!

Happy National Running Day! Remember, running is a gift and it always has something to teach you. Also, Runner High is still legal in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

QOTD: Why do YOU run?


  1. I prove to myself that I can! Love following your blog, Linzie! Thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement; it's much appreciated for relatively newbie runners like myself!

    1. You are very very welcome! If this blog helps one person than I feel like it's worth it :)