Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gametiime Launches in California

If you are anything like me, you wished you had a genie in a bottle or a magic map that would show you all of the races in your geographical area with a simple click. Well one day, I happened to stumble across this genie and his name was Gametiime! Gametiime is in my opinion the only place you'll need to go to locate you next 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon, or even ultra! The team at Gametiime works hard to search the internet looking for races, saving you time...because let's be honest...ain't nobody got time to be searching through the internet and race calendars! They do the work for you!

Gametiime is a free resource that anyone can use. I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation from their team some months back during their beta testing phase. I provided some feedback and have kept in close contact with their team. When the site first launched, they were only available in Washington state...and I was totally jealous. Now, Gametiime has expanded it's reach to Oregon and now CALIFORNIA! So, how easy is Gametiime to use? Easier than you think!

Say I want to search for a race in San Diego because I would be interested in vacationing there this holiday season. I simply go to Gametiime, log in and enter the criteria I am looking for. I can search by city, date ranges, the race distance I am looking for and away I go and appear the results. Simple. Did I mention that the user interface is very clean and easy to navigate?

Enter your search criteria

Once my results come back, they show high quality images and links to the races, both small and large races. When you click on the race, Gametiime will provide you with a small snapshot of the race, provide you a Google maps image showing you where the race will be held, and provide you links to register for the race! It couldn't be easier! If you aren't ready to register for the race, you can always save it to your account for later. The people at Gametiime are all about ease...saving you time...again this is a free tool!

Who doesn't love search criteria?

Example of a race page on Gametiime
So, if you haven't done so, I recommend heading over to Gametiime to find your next race. Again, they are only live in Washington state, Oregon, and California at this time, but I can promise you they are making their way to other states! And when they do, will you be one of their users? I swear by Gametiime, and I know once you get your hands on'll be a fan too! You can read what I thought about the launch here.



  1. Thanks for writing this post, Linzie. We're lucky to have supporters like you!

    If anyone has any questions about it, I (as one of the Gametiime co-founders) am happy to answer any questions here.

  2. Ohh, so I can go back and use it now? Hmm, must remember sign in info.

    1. Yep. Sign up is easy -- email or Facebook.

  3. Wow I didn't even know something like this was out there. Guess it's because I'm still a new runner..LOL Thanks for the info, homie.. HUGS!!!