Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Even I Need Inspiration

A picture is worth a thousand words, and words mean things. I hear a lot of you tell me that you find my blog entries and tweets to be inspiring, and for that I thank you. But keep in mind, I am just an average person just like you. I am no ultra runner by any least not yet. I have a way to go on my training and I am enjoying every stride in my Newton Gravity foot candy. Earlier this week, someone I follow on Facebook posted an AMAZING photo. When I saw it, my jaw literally fell and I yelled out loud.

The photo depicted strength, endurance, courage, tenacity, serenity, focus, and discipline...that's how I read it anyway. Photography is one of my hobbies, and I am naturally attracted to clean minimalist lines and shadows. When I saw this...I got all of my life!

Courtesy of Holly Miller Endurance Training & Nutrition

The woman rocking this pose on this rock (hey, that was clever) is Holly. Holly is one of my inspirations...and I am not even sure she knew that until earlier this week. Holly is one really cool chick! She runs ultras at lightning speeds, has muscles that...well...she has muscles and you should be afraid, and has the privilege of running all over the country in awesome settings and venues including multiple visits to the Boston Marathon. I've seen her hit yoga poses at Moab, pretty much any beach, oh and she likes to befriend squirrels. One day she will domesticate And if you thing I look awesome in INKnBURN...well trust me she owns the entire collection and looks AWESOME in all of the clothes! I mean check out her handstand below, totally INB!

Courtesy of Holly Miller Endurance Training & Nutrition

The reason why I chose to blog about Holly was because she is one hell of an athlete. I admire her strength and focus. The running community is an awesome community of people and she is a star example of that! I got to meet her before the start of the LA Marathon this year, and she was so nice, really funny, and encouraging.

People that inspire have to be get their inspiration from other sources. Be that, art, music, other people, or nature. Inspiration comes in all forms. When Holly hit that pose on that boulder, she made art, she connected with nature which made the Earth sing, and inspired me. She inspired me to continue on my training to become stronger and faster. Complacency is not an option. You do not get faster and stronger by have to get out there and WORK! Every runner/athlete starts with their first step. I have taken many first steps and learned along the way. Every day we learn. I have my lesson and my marching orders...time to refocus and get back to business. I know I am good, but I can be great! And greatness comes with hard work, dedication, and focus. Time to lace up and get it done!

So thanks Holly for inspiring me! If you want to see some of Holly's #InspirationalTea, check out her Facebook page!

Run On!


  1. Thanks for "introducing" me to Holly, so amazing! I'm so glad I am on this running journey with you Linz!!!

  2. Always great to see someone featured. Thanks for highlighting Holly. And I like what you did with the rock, and rocking line. Nice!