Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And Then A Hero Comes Along

Not many days go by that I don’t sit back and think about what I have set out to do and accomplished in such little time. I mean, I haven’t even been at this running thing a year and the influence that I have on people is one of the most humbling things that can be described. So to all of my readers, tweeters, and Facebook likers, I want to first start by thanking you. If my blog, tweets, and posts help at least one person then it is not for nothing. This is for YOU!
So tonight, I participated in my very first #FitBlog chat on Twitter. Essentially, using hashtag #FitBlog you get to answer questions about wellness, fitness, and the impacts social media has on the community as a whole. I actually stumbled across it tonight by accident and I am so glad I engaged in the fantastic chat! There were athletes of all skill levels on the chat tonight, answering questions, sharing stories, seeking advice, and just having a grand ol’ time. I sat back and read many of the threads that came across my laptop and I actually pin pointed a common theme…many of the folks online felt that there were so many fitness blogs out on the Internet that if they started or continued it wouldn’t make a difference because cyberspace is so saturated with blogs.
Well, I find this to be a very valid concern. I however interjected and shared my perspective. I consider myself an intermediate runner. I have run quite a few half marathons and only 2 marathons. I do not profess to know everything there is to know about running and truthfully, I don’t even think elite runners know everything there is to know about running. Running is a personal journey that takes you on a roller coaster up and down…with a few loops thrown in there. Everyone has their own story and that was makes this community so unique. Running has so many different areas of interest and expertise. runDisney, Ultra Running, Trail Running, Marathoning, River Boat Casino! You name it, it’s probably out there. And you want to know the best part, there is someone out there that shares your interest! I guarantee it.
A blog should be a place to share your thoughts, your feelings, your successes, your opportunities, your good and bad days…everything! No one has a perfect training. No one runs a perfect race every time. Your strength comes from the times you aren’t the strongest. Don’t be afraid to share that with the world. I have had some terrible races, you’ll find my recaps range from extremely happy and energetic, to the ‘well that sucked’ range. But that is okay! We are humans, not machines and we have limitations. What counts is how we push through look forward and say, yeah I had a bad day but tomorrow I am gonna kill it!
You as a person have way more influence that you think. This is a lesson I learned. So many people are interested in what I have to say…and I am just a normal guy just sharing my feelings. I am no celebrity, I am not famous, and I haven’t graced the cover of a magazine…unless I was thinking it. The point is, influence is key. Someone, somewhere is looking at you and watching you succeed. Someone is cheering you on and hoping you do a great job. There are also the haters, and I have no energy to spend writing about them. Throw them shade and do the best you can. Remember, you’re running a race, what will they be doing while you are collecting your bling and creating a memory that will last a lifetime…probably sleeping.
You are a hero…and as Wreck-It-Ralph taught us, only heroes can earn medals! You don’t even need to go Turbo to get one…

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