Wednesday, March 6, 2013

World Marathon Major #1 - The Chicago Marathon

I find it absolutely incredible that I have been able to push the limits of my mind, body, and spirit in such a short period of time. It hasn't even been a year since my first race and I feel like my racing life has just launched into another dimension! It almost feels surreal at times. It is truly inspiring. And today, I am happy to announce and share some very exciting news!

I have secured one of 45,000 spots in my first Wold Marathon Major! I will be running the world famous Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October!!!! Now, you are probably wondering how I secured my spot so soon since the remaining bibs went up for lottery and the pool entry started today. Well, being the crafty little so and so that I am...I researched. I was curious about the charities that are being represented at this race. One of the official charities is The American Cancer Society! Now, most people know that I am a huge advocate for cancer research and finding a cure for any and all types of cancer. Cancer is pure evil. It tears families apart, takes friends away, and causes pain for all people involved. It knows no boundaries, it affects everyone! Some of you may remember that I raised more than $1,300.00 for Stand Up To Cancer during my Goofy Challenge fundraiser, and for those that gave generously I and the people you helped thank you!

So, I will be a proud member of Team DetermiNation for the American Cancer Society! I will be running proud for any of my friends or family that have been touched by this disease! We can find a cure! I go out there and run for those that can't! I am your voice! I am your advocate! I'm here for you! This race has become so personal. For me, it is my first Major, but beyond that I am running in a high profile event to help raise awareness and funds for cancer!

Want to jump-start the fundraising efforts? Let's go! Click here and let's start to change the world!
Get Into It! This is incredible!

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