Sunday, May 6, 2012

he OC Half Marathon May 6th, 2012 - The Rookie Run That Started It All

So here it was. Race day. My first 13.1 mile half marathon. What had I signed up for? What was I thinking? How am I going to do this? All thoughts that went through my head as I was shuttled over to Fashion Island, the start line for the OC Marathon and Half Marathons. I hopped off the bus and made my way to start corral C. C obviously stood for crazy! I have never raced before! I found my place among the other runners and tried to keep a look of confidence on my face, when in fact I was really nervous and anxious. Before I knew it, off we were. Leaving Fashion Island behind and making our way through Newport Beach. After the first 3 miles I started to gain confidence. Running on Pacific Coast Highway was quite a rush. The scenery of the Southern California coastline was inspiring. I was also inspired by all of the spectators along the route. Families came out of their homes and cheered us all on. We didn't even know these people! The support was awesome! You know what else was awesome? Gatorade at a LOT of the water stops haha.

The views were spectacular! I don't know if it was because I was experiencing 'runner's high' or what, but everything was just so fantastic! Although right after the Clif Bar food stop around mile 10...there was a HILL! Worst. Hill. EVER! It was unexpected and it appears to have gotten the best of everyone. But it didn't stop us from running our asses to the finish line at the Orange County Fairgrounds! I saw the mile 13 sign and literally sprinted like a cheetah was coming for me! I LEPT across the finish line! I was in so much pain from muscle cramping (needed more water and vitamins) but I did it! 2:25:19 was my finishing time! I met up with a friend of mine, JJ at the finish!! It was an awesome first race and an amazing experience! If you can, do this race :)

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